gold mining

Learn and understand the underground gold mining process is how before the first need to understand the meaning and classification of gold, gold can be divided into gold and gold gold mine, according to the conditions of gold mining, the nature of the different ore , Mining enterprises in the gold mining process there are some differences in the process.

The gold mining process refers to the process of extracting gold from gold rich formations. There are many techniques available to extract gold from the ground, and the most primitive method is gold panning. At present the industry with gold extraction by cyanidation, but toxic cyanide, so is the development of new gold reagent.

Gold mining process

The main way of mining in the gold mining process is that China’s gold mining can be divided into two types: open-pit mining and underground mining, mainly underground mining.

Generally suitable for open-pit mining of placer gold and fine gold mining. Placer gold mining, artificial mining and gold mining ship two, the former is used in the eluvial zone and the existence of a large number of coarse gravel bed area, artificial digging gold rich horizon for the purpose. Generally, artificial excavated placer gold can only be found in some small profitable ore bodies, and the ore bodies can be profitable by more than 0.02 grams of /m3. Generally speaking, most of our proved sand and gold deposits have been mined or abandoned because of the pollution of the environment. The main mining areas have been transferred to uninhabited areas in the northwest.

Fine gold mining: many fine grained gold deposits are produced by open pit because the gold bodies in this kind of mine appear well on the ground surface and are oxidized and become loose soil or loose rock.

Underground mining is the main mode of China’s gold mining process, because of China’s gold deposit are mostly hidden and semi hidden orebody, requires the use of open hole to gold mining. At present, our country not only has a high degree of mechanization of the Gold Gallery, a small hole ore low crude, and the number of majority. According to the opening angle of underground mining gallery is divided into adit and shaft three, oblique hole is, according to different design condition of buried ore bodies.

gold mining crushers

Our country use more gold plant jaw crusher for primary crushing, using standard cone crusher in the crushing, crushing and the short head type is applied cone crusher. Medium and small gold plant mostly uses two closed-circuit crushing, large gold plant closed a three-stage crushing process.

In order to increase the production capacity of beneficiation , crusher choice is the key.