Ore Milling Equipment

We said that the ore is taken from the mining down to contain some valuable minerals in the stone, the ore through the crushing, grinding and other step by step processing can be applied in the metal mine, metallurgical industry, chemical industry, construction industry , Iron (public) road construction units, cement industry and gravel industry and other engineering areas. The ore composition is generally composed of ore minerals and gangue minerals. Ore Mineral is a metal or nonmetallic mineral that can be used in an ore, also known as a useful mineral.

According to the mineral content, ore minerals can be divided into the following 3 kinds:

  • 1. main mineral, a mineral that is found in ore and plays a major role in a mineral;
  • 2. secondary mineral, a mineral that has little or no effect on ore grade;
  • 3. a trace mineral, usually mineral content, that has little or no effect on minerals.

Some trace elements in minerals, such as trace platinum group minerals in nickel ores, are of little value, but have high comprehensive utilization value. These trace minerals still have great economic significance.

The devices used for processing ore are jaw crusher, counter crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher, counter roller crusher, impact crusher, ore milling equipment and other equipment.

For the crushing equipment of ore, the use of cone crusher is more obvious:

  • 1. because the productivity of the ore crusher is between 600~800t/h, it is 25~40 times of the capacity of the ore crusher. It effectively solves the problem that the ore crusher has a high rate of operation and no maintenance time due to the low output.
  • 2. can complete the fragmentation of large ore. The maximum crushing particle size is 1000 * 1200mm, which effectively solves the problem that the original side is the tight ore supply and the large amount of large ore can not be used at one side.
  • 3. the product size is small, only 2~15mm, effectively solve the original ore size large, often blocking problem yields even affect the mill chute.
  • 4. the mixing uniformity of the two materials is good, and the amount of the desulfurization ore is increased greatly. At present, the addition amount can reach 60%, which effectively reduces the cost of raw material.
  • 5. electricity consumption has declined. The power consumption per ton of ore decreased by 1~2KWh/t, saving 100 thousand yuan per year.
  • 6. effectively improve the labor intensity and working environment of the workers. Due to the high degree of automation of the ore crusher, the labor condition of the workers is greatly improved without the need for manual contact with the material.
Ore milling equipment to fine powder processing of 280 kinds of materials, including iron ore, coal stone, feldspar, quartz, barite, limestone and so on, the material requirement is Mohs hardness of not more than 7, the humidity in the non inflammable mineral below 6%. The particle size of SBM Raymond mill is adjusted randomly between 80-400 meshes, and the highest fineness of superfine grinding machine can reach 2500 mesh. SBM machines have also developed ball mills.

For the ore milling equipment, the use of the ball mill effect is more obvious:

The ball mill is mainly used for crushing grinding manganese ore crusher, which can satisfy the feed receiving equipment next to export its manganese ore after grinding, the performance of the device is superior to other devices do not have.

  • 1, super wear-resistant and impact resistance, the important components of the best material processing, improve equipment wear and impact resistance, and equipment parts replacement cycle has also been extended.
  • 2, energy consumption is low, and compared with similar equipment on the market, this equipment energy saving in more than 50%, each year for processing plants can save 50 thousand yuan cost.
  • 3, high yield, large feed inlet, can deal with a large number of manganese ore, manganese ore production has also greatly improved.