VSI5X Crusher Performance In Zambia

Zambia economy mainly including agriculture, industry and service industry, among which the mining industry occupies an important position. Zambia mining industry development is very good which performance for it is one of the main pillars of the national economy.

Zambia Gold Investment Environment

In recent years Zambia gold output showed a rising trend,gold market development prospect is very good.Zambian government Strongly support mineral processing to attract a large number of miners to invest in.

SBM VSI5X Crusher Feature Show In Zambia

VSI5X Crusher is the latest generation of sand making machine, factual proof that its crushing effect is very good and has many customers, we are very proud of this.SBM VSI5X Crusher in gold mining plant with low cost and more shocking feature.

  • Dual purpose balk cargo tray-simplicity of operation, quick switchover of feedstock modes.
  • Side plate direction can be changed to increase material utility ratio, operating ratio can be increased 48%.
  • Worn hammer with combined type is only changed to reduce operating cost 30%. Another pair of vice hammer is added to prevent from damaging main hammer and side plate.
  • Rhombus shape impact plate is used to prevent side plate from being damaged.
  • The most key wear resistant material uses wear resistant and high temperature resistant material in American important area.
  • Perfect discharge and smooth curve reduce resisting force when material flows, so capacity is increased greatly.

SBM VSI5X Crusher Performance In Zambia

VSI5X crusher means the fifth series vertical shaft impact crusher. VSI5X series new sand making machine is our company introducted Germany technology and has a number of independent patent property rights of a new generation in the development of VSI series sand making machine, set three broken mode in one, which has become the core equipment of sand industry mechanism.One customer from Zambia got in touch with us, he told us his gold mining process line has a good benefit and he gave SBM products a very high appraisal.SBM VSI5X Crusher with its actual production to prove strength,we will strive to do the best in order to make the customers satisfied.