Small Scale Gold Mining In New Guinea

Gold deposits are mainly distributed in New Ireland Province, Enga Province, Bougainville Province, western province, Milne Bay province and central provinces and other places, the most famous is the Porgera gold deposit and the Lihir Island heat (spring) type gold deposit, two deposits are found in the nineteen ninties, huge scale, both are world class gold deposit.

New Guinea Gold Mining Situation

New Guinea is volcano rock type gold deposit and porphyry copper gold, gold reserves of about 1756 tons. New Guinea’s largest gold producer, the Porgera mine, is situated in the Enga Province in the highlands of PNG. The Porgera Joint Venture comprising Placer Dome (75%), DRDGold Ltd (20%) and the remainder is split between the Porgera landowners and the Enga provincial government.

New Guinea Gold Mining Investment Environment

As a country rich in mineral resources in Oceania,New Guinea gold mining investment mainly for export.New Guinea is the top ten gold producers in the world. A major portion of gold and silver production is refined in the Metals Refining Operations in Port Moresby while the remaining portion is exported in dore bars to refineries in Australia and Japan, and copper is exported as concentrate to Japan, Germany and Australia. There are no smelting operations in the country.Based on the resource and the analysis of New Guinea, we recommend a small gold production line, which is convenient to manage.The more imporant is cost recovery quickly.

High-Frequency Screen In New Guinea Small Scale Gold Mining

High-frequency Screen consists of vibrator, pulp distributor, screen frame, frame, suspension springs and sieve and other components.Compared with other screen,SBM High-frequency Screen contain more advantages and must be a very good performance in New Guinea small scale gold mining with high-frequency function and best price.

  • High-frequency screen adopts the most advanced theory and new structure.
  • High vibrating frequency leads to high screen efficiency and big capacity.
  • Controlled by computer, every exciter specification is adjustable. Also it sets up a transient extremely vibrating force, which is quite useful in clean the screen surface.
  • Low powder consumption: High-frequency screen adopt super Elastic material, which ensure the steadiness and help to save the power.