Hydrocyclones are common industrial and manufacturing process separators used to remove solids from carrier liquids or to separate liquids of different consistencies. SBM Hydrocyclone integrate a variety of functions as a whole.It is welcomed by the customers with the feature of high classification efficiency,simple structure,large throughput and small occupied area.
At present,Hydrocyclone has been infinitly serve for closed circuit grinding and classification system , thickening, desliming, dewatering , tailings filling, damming, recovery processes in ferrous, nonferrous metal and nonmetal mine industries.The last but not least,Hydrocyclone is not only in mineral separation,but also used in water purification, removing impurities.

Application of Hydrocyclone

SBM Hydrocyclones are used extensively in industrial and manufacturing sectors and are suited for liquid rich suspensions carrying solids heavier than the fluid.It is mainly used for grading, sorting, concentration, and off the mud in mineral processing industry.

Now,Hydrocyclone show a high performance in metal ore and nonmetal ore processing plants, such as plants of iron ore dressing industry, manganese ore beneficiation industry, coal industry, environmental power, alumina industry and some other mining industries.

Distinctive feature of Hydrocyclone

  1. Effective equipment, no moving parts, requires little maintenance.
  2. Adopting new wear-resistant materials grit and feed mouth mouth, prolong the service life of the machine.
  3. Simple structure, easy to install and operate, large quantity.
  4. Various separation function of classification,sorting,enrichment,clarify,washing and mass transfer.
  5. Automation control system,low investment cost and taking little space.
  6. Fine partition size and high classification efficiency.

Working principle of Hydrocyclone

SBM Hydrocyclone is a filter or separator mechanism that uses centrifugal force to separate solids from liquids or even liquids of different consistencies. The hydrocyclone consists of a two-part chamber with a inner profile which is cylindrical along its upper section and conical along the lower half fitted with one entry and two exit points.When a suspension is pumped into the cyclone, it spins around the inside of the chamber creating a centrifugal force which causes suspended solids to separate from the liquid carrier. The filtered water and solids then exit the hydrocyclone, typically at opposite ends.

Technical data of Hydrocyclone

Diameter(mm) Feed opening(mm) Overflow outlet(mm) Flow-down opening Tapper Cone(mm) Cyclinder height (mm) Handling capacity(m³/h)
GXX100 30×5 14 11 20 275 60 1.5-9
30×7 15
30×10 26
GXX125 25×10 50 15-30 20 225 110 2.4-15
GXX150 40×8 20 15 20 326 100 4.8-54
40×10 30
40×2 40
GXX250 50×20 125 35 20 595 170 6.5-61.2
GXX300 75 125 50 20 800 200 24-60