Cone Crusher Automation Technology

For domestic cone crusher, due to its discharge size cannot be dynamically adjusted, used in the production of fixed row ore mouth, size regular manual adjustment so as to control the product, it is time-consuming and low efficiency, accuracy and difficult to control. The power control system of the introduction of the selection of the main driving motor (current) as the control parameter, the tank instrument monitoring system (TIMS) provides the correct operation of the crusher auxiliary system (lubrication and positive pressure dust control system to control logic). It is compatible with the setup of many different control systems. It takes more than one sensor signal from the tank and the surrounding, while monitoring the received signal data, and these signals in TIMS program settings compared to the cone crusher control system corresponding to the output signal.

The cone crusher control system uses these input signals to start and stop the motor, activate the alarm signal, and close the main motor of the crusher in emergency. TIMS monitoring function includes: the entrance of lubrication system and return oil temperature, back to the entrance of oil, lubricating oil pressure lubrication pressure horizontal shaft lubrication system, main lubricating system and pressure difference between the ends of both ends of the filter horizontal axis lubrication system filter differential pressure tank level, positive pressure dust system pressure (air), the main the lubricating oil temperature in the tank, the detection data to dynamically adjust the amount of ore feeder, the stable operation of the crusher load within the set requirements, the system has complete protection functions. In the crushing system, the load control and fault diagnosis and protection of the crusher are realized on the crusher. On this basis, the automatic control system of cone crusher is developed.

The main parameters of crusher control system selects the main drive motor power, speed and breaker gape size two parameters as the controlled variable to dynamically adjust the discharge size and feed rate by detecting the amount of ore, pressure, power, temperature, discharge size, its objective function the port of discharge to the minimum size, the largest amount of ore, all action systems are close to the two target.

Cone crusher feed in the feed position is detected by the ultrasonic material, and is under the control of the saturation point, the material level signal and C1 controller level setting value, according to the model, the controller determines to adjust the deviation of output, it outputs a signal as to mine rate control C2. Control of the output signal of the feeder speed, in order to maintain the cone crusher feed cavity material in the setting of ore material value (1.2m), in order to maintain the set value of the driving power, can detect the driving power and tank pressure, the measured signal is sent to the controller C3, regulated by C3 deviation of oil tank the amount of oil, the main drive shaft is increased or decreased, so as to adjust the cone crusher discharge mouth, keep it in the set range.

The automation technology of cone crushing system mainly includes feeding operation, sieving operation, crushing operation, belt transportation operation, etc.. Through the computer network system to achieve online optimization of production scheduling and management, so that the entire crushing process is in the best state, to maximize the crushing and other technical and economic indicators. Through the actual application of crusher automatic control system in the field, it has formed a complete crushing system which takes the crusher as the center, and takes into account the whole process. Through the control operation of medium crushing control system, the crushing operation process and process equipment can be monitored. The implementation of the automatic control system improves the automation level of the production process in the dressing workshop, and makes the production smooth, stable and digitalized, so as to improve the technical indexes and economic indexes of the ore dressing workshop.

The implementation of automatic control in crushing crushing and sieving system, cone crusher machine efficiency is improved by about 15%, the fine granularity is increased by more than 15%, saving more than 20%, the failure rate decreases obviously, achieve high yield and quality, increase efficiency, reduce energy consumption.