Sand Making Machine Automation Technology

With the development of science and technology, economic construction of industrial automation have become increasingly demanding, new requirements are put forward on the operation technology and sand making equipment, sand making machine plays an increasingly important role in the field of national economy. Since the reform of China’s economic development more and more quickly, so far China’s science and technology has been greatly improved but also in the unceasing progress, the technical level of sand making equipment production is also in constant innovation and improvement, sand making machine development in mining industry occupy a favorable position is the first hero of infrastructure development but, for the mining industry has a certain risk, so people pay more attention to the development of unmanned mining machinery products.

The current market in the fierce competition in the sand making machine, sand making equipment no longer stay ahead of those destined to be eliminated, and the degree of automation, intelligent, multi-functional, high yield, low energy consumption, environmentally friendly sand mechanical products will be more and more customers, mining industry's favor, so sand making machine automation is the main objective of the development of mining machinery industry.

Since twenty-first Century, compared with the traditional sand making machine, the new type sand making machine has the characteristics of simplicity, high productivity, complete matching and automation. Shanghai SBM sand making machine will cooperate with the trend of industrial automation, and promote the overall level of mine equipment. Such as high intelligent CNC system, encoder and digital control module, power load control intelligent equipment has been widely applied to the sand making equipment, so that users of the device independence, flexibility, accuracy of operation, high efficiency and compatibility with during operation.

It is understood that the current foreign mines and sand machine high level countries mainly in the United States, Germany, Japan, Italy and the United Kingdom and so on. The German sand making machine is in the leading position in design, manufacture and technical performance. In recent years, the development of mine and sand making equipment in these countries shows a new trend.

Recently, Shanghai SBM has launched a new sand making machine, sand making machine for crushing materials further, sand making machine is a professional commitment to crushing function, jaw crusher is a professional thick broken material, the crushed material is a new sand making machine, sand making machine or further crushing, the best finished products. At present, our company produces the most effective new sand making equipment has the characteristics of high yield, high performance, and the other set sand effect is more perfect, is the aggregate crushing materials the most efficient production more efficient, improve the overall technological level of mining machinery equipment flat.

To sum up, the mining industry belongs to the supporting industry, involving many fields of the national economy, especially the vigorous development of construction industry directly brought by sand production industry boom building, building sand supply market there is a huge gap, is more dependent on mining industry technological progress and supporting services, therefore, we can not ignore the situation behind sand making machine, to actively promote the mining industry embarked on the road of rapid and healthy development of automation.