Belt Conveyor

SBM Belt Conveyor is a extremely important mining equipment.If every one of mine production line is a healthy body,the Belt Conveyor will be the body’s blood vessels.In the production line,the belt is not the main processing device but it is responsible for the transmission of material.Belt Conveyor is the key link in the production line.
SBM Belt Conveyor is designed by our engineer on the basis of years research.This belt can carry a variety of materials,which owns wide range of applications,high degree of automation and can meet the needs of continuous production.In addition,the belt can work with other equipment compose a level or inclined conveyor system,which will improve productivity and reduce labor intensity.

Application of Belt Conveyor

SBM Belt conveyor can work well at ambient temperature -20 ℃ to +40 ℃ range and temperature of conveying material below 50 ℃.It is used for the delivery of materials,such as metallurgy,electric power,coal,chemical,construction,port,electricity,machinery manufacturing and other industry.

SBM Belt conveyor is suitble for various kinds stone,sand or powder material of non-flammable and non-explosive minerals,moisture content is lower than 6% roks,such as quartz,feldspar,calcite,talc,fluorite,rare earth,marble,ceramics,bauxite,manganese ore,iron ore,copper,rock phosphate,iron oxide red,zircon sand,cement clinker,activated carbon,dolomite,granite,garnet,fly ash,bituminous coal,coke,lignite,magnesium sand,gold ore,red mud,clay,kaolin,porcelain clay,sand stone,basalt,gypsum,graphite,silicon carbide,thermal insulation materials,etc.

Distinctiv feature of Belt Conveyor

  • Large transport capacity,high efficiency.unique widening design,fully meet the customer needs.
  • High adaptability make it work well in a variety of environmental conditions and transport all kinds of pieces or powder materials.
  • Strong stability.herringbone design effectively prevent the slide of the goods,reducing relative motion.
  • Standardization of components and easy maintenance.produced with standar,the whole structure is simple,quick maintenance.
  • Diverse models and flexible.depending on the delivery requirements, it ont only make a single use but also combination.
  • Customized length.the length of conveyor belt can be determined according to the customer production site,avoiding waste the capacity.

Working principle of Belt Conveyor

The SBM Belt Conveyor mainly composed of a machine frame,a belt, a belt roller,tensioning device,transmission device.The fuselage uses the high quality steel plate connected to the front and rear legs.The height difference to form the frame, and the plane is of a certain inclination.Frame is provided with a belt roller, roller, used for driving and supporting conveyor belt.A deceleration motor drive and electric drive roller in two ways.Leather belt moves according to the friction drive principle. According to the technological requirements,it can be a single delivery,can also be multiple belt conveyor or with other equipments to form a horizontal or inclined conveying system, to meet the different arrangement of the operation.

Technical data of Belt Conveyor

Width(mm) Length(m)/Power(kw) Speed(m/s) Capacity(t/h)
400 ≤12/2.2 12~20 /2.2~4 20~25/3.5~7.5 1.25~2.0 30~60
500 ≤12/3
1.25~2.0 40~80
650 ≤12/4
1.25~2.0 80~120
800 ≤10/4
1.25~2.0 120~200
1000 ≤10/5.5
1.25~2.0 200~320
1200 ≤10/7.5
1.25~2.0 290~480