LSX Sand Washing Machine

Combine years of production experience and customer feedback,SBM Introduced a new generation of sand washer—LSX sand washing machine.SBM LSX sand washing machine is featured with bigger capacity and higher cleaning level than traditional washing machines.It sets three functions—washing, dewatering, classifying as a whole, saving the labor and working site space and also cut the cost.
SBM LSX sand washing machine is a kind of cleaning equipment of international advanced level for sand and slag pellets.It is an efficient sand washing equipment used together with the sand making machine.We have four style to choose from and the maxinum capacity can reach 350TPH.Therefor,the LSX sand washing machine meets the customer demands well both on capacity and on the cleanliness.

Application of LSX sand washing machine

LSX sand washing machine improve the quality of the sand by remove the dust.It is widely used for various sand cleaning,classifying and dewatering,in the following industries: quarry, minerals, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower, cement mixture station and some other complete sand making line and so on.

Distinctive feature of LSX sand washing machine

  1. Set up three kinds of function as a whole,which can replace the classifier and cut the cost.
  2. High capacity,less water,suitable for the water deficient area.
  3. Drive bearing of the impeller and the materials out of water,to avoid being eroded and polluted.
  4. Almost no damageable parts,simple structure and easy to maintenance.
  5. High cleanliness effect and low power consumption.
  6. less sand be washed away during the washing process.

Working principle of LSX sand washing machine

  • Washing—The sand is feeding into the sediment pool from the feeding box, acting by rotating screw blade, the sand is turning and rolling and grinding each other to eliminate impurity and water-air layer around sand to facilitate de-water. The fresh eater rising current from the porous plate carry foreign matter to water surface and overflow the weir plate, to finish washing processing.
  • Dewatering—The sand with bigger density is sunken down to tub bottom, the screw blade push this sand upwards, when passing through upper tub of proper length above water level, the water is draining into sediment pool from another drainage ditch, the de-watered sand is out from the discharging opening.
  • Classifying—Material classifying is realized by overflowing the non-needed fines, the controlling method is adjusting height of overflowing weir and adjusting speed of screw.

Technical data of LSX sand washing machine

Model Screw Diameter (mm) Tank Length (mm) Screw Quantity Max Feeding (mm) Capacity (t/h) REV (r/min) Power (kw) Motor Model Water Consumption (t/h) Machine Size (mm)
LSX920 920 7585 1 ≤10 100 21 6-11 Y160L-6/11 10-80 8420×2180×3960
2LSX920 920 7580 2 ≤10 200 21 6-11×2 Y160L-6/11 20-160 8420×3970×3960
LSX1120 1120 9750 1 ≤10 175 17 6-18.5 Y200L1-6/18.5 20-150 10770×3950×4860
2LSX1120 1120 9750 2 ≤10 350 17 6-18.5×2 Y200L1-6/18.5 40-300 10770×5260×4860