100 tons coal roller crusher

Coal is a kind of low hardness, easy broken energy ore more familiar, because in rural family life more constraints, so when the winter heating is used in most coal, so coal for many years in people’s lives is a good helper, popular. But for large boilers, coal burning or large power plants, in order to improve the utilization of coal and achieve a certain degree of full combustion, it is necessary to treat the block coal by crushing and pulverizing.

Roller crusher is the most commonly used equipment in crushing 100 tons of coal, the specific reasons are as follows:

1, Shanghai SBM tooth roller crusher equipment with reliable performance, strong practicability, the overall operation is relatively stable, anti friction ability of the components to a certain extent is even more gratifying, high frequency of replacement crusher must unlike other manufacturers like, can you bring the best benefits.

2, environmental protection issues are the most concerned about the national, so that the tooth roller crusher is also around green, low-carbon, efficient, energy-saving, consumption reduction, dust reduction and so on. Our company’s toothed roller crusher breaks the traditional manufacturing process, improves the scale of specialization, and uses energy saving, environmental protection and low-carbon process equipment in the production process to make products.

3, roller crusher conforms to the national standard, tooth roller crusher with a premise of national standardization has two main aspects, in addition to the main components of the standard rate of not less than 60%, but also to ensure that the design of the main technical parameters should accord with the actual demands to maximize production efficiency.