artificial crushed sand making machine

The use of sand making machine and crusher has been greatly reduced to natural sand mining, both to protect the natural resources and the environment for human survival, but also accords with the sustainable development strategy. Provide high quality large quantity of sand to build sand making machine and crusher combination could be used for infrastructure construction, hydropower station etc..

State and local government strengthen the construction of highway and railway construction and other infrastructure projects, financial support, aggregate demand. Large crusher, high sand making machine is a kind of commonly used equipment in the engineering construction, combined with the domestic market demand and technology development trend, Shanghai SBM company to continuously improve the overall technological innovation capability of enterprises, jaw crusher, the production of HPC hydraulic cone crusher and VSI series of new sand making machine. The combination of equipment put into use, can be used for hard limestone, granite, Xuan Wuyan, river pebbles, smelting slag more other material aggregate and making artificial sand homework, suitable for applications in the hydropower, building materials, highway, city construction and other industries. The entire production process with the discharging smooth, reliable operation, convenient operation, high efficiency and energy saving, the production of good quality seed for gravel, excellent, powder output rate is low, the production line has the advantages of small occupation area, investment and high economic benefit. According to the different requirements of the process, various types of equipment combination, to meet the requirements of different customer process.

The jaw crusher is advanced equipment for highway, railway, airport runway engineering building stone crushing the developed. It is efficient products preferred more hard, strong corrosive materials are broken. The jaw crusher has a big crushing ratio, high production, high work efficiency.

VSI series of new sand making machine represents the latest development of crystalline China sand level, set three broken mode in one, become the core equipment of sand industry mechanism. VSI series of new sand making machine is our company’s dwindling demand of natural sand, artificial sand developed specifically for the production of finished products, with good grain shape, sand ratio, fineness modulus, high adjustable has low cost and the like.