Artificial sand making machine

With the development of capital construction and the reduction of river sand resources, the construction industry began to search for new sand sources from the artificial sand production line. In fact, the artificial sand production line not only solves the problem of natural sand shortage, but also is an important raw material of high quality concrete. Artificial sand has become the main product of Engineering stone production.

Throughout the artificial mechanism sand industry, at present, China has hundreds of artificial sand production equipment enterprises, as in other industries, artificial sand there are different quality. First of all, we must know that the artificial sand production cost is high, if you think the simple block dolly is artificial sand, in this kind of product is not clear for its technical indicators easily enter, investors may be a heavy price.

High quality artificial sand should be a blending sand – artificial sand – stone powder – mud – natural sand – weathered sand – tailings blending sand. At present, due to the demand of artificial sand is quite large, some do not have the condition of production of inferior artificial sand with simple sand making machine, not only causes the user to pay the cost is much greater than usual, more serious is the quality of concrete production is not up to the requirements directly affects the quality of building engineering. Judging from the current situation, the production of inferior or substandard artificial sand enterprises, in addition to management and other conditions, the outstanding should be the production machinery can not meet the requirements.

At present, the development mechanism of sand technology in our country, it is not difficult to find sand making machine technology Co. Ltd. Shanghai SBM which represents the international leading technology in artificial sand making machine manufacturing enterprises, the production of artificial sand making machine manufacturing enterprise technology and quality are quite good, but also to carry out prenatal training and customer service service for investment enterprises.

VSI sand making machine for sand production line

  • 1, the finished sand particle shape, and sand gradation is reasonable, fineness modulus can be adjusted, in full compliance with the national standards for the construction of sand;
  • 2, the important parts are made of high-quality castings and profiles made, which can make the overall resistance to wear has been greatly improved;
  • 3, change the old style sand blower design, use a unique air self circulation system, reduce the exhaust air at the same time, also can reduce the sand machine operation dust leakage, realize green sand making operation.

VSI sand making machine combined with sand production line

VSI sand making machine installed in a fixed machine group as an example, in order to better realize the gravel sand, the sand sand production line in addition to cover VSI sand making equipment, will take some auxiliary equipment such as sand, crusher, feeder, conveyor and other equipment, specifically by VSI sand making machine with the production process of sand sand production line is composed of the following:

The stone from the vibrating feeder evenly sent to the jaw crusher broken coarse, thick broken after the material is fed into the crusher are broken again, the crushed material by belt conveyor to VSI sand making machine made sand, sand and gravel from the sand making machine out of the sieve screening, to meet the requirements of the material for the finished product, through the dust fall into the finished sand pile. Not required to return to the VSI sand machine, re – sand, and then to the vibrating screen screening. In the process of vibration screening, the dust produced by the powder separator enters the pulse dust collector to realize green sand making operation.