ball mill for ceramics

With the continuous development of industrial milling industry, China’s large area to introduce industrial milling production line, advanced international ball mill for ceramics and milling process rapidly into China, through research and development experience and technology upgrade for years, SBM ball mill for ceramics introduced advanced machine equipment, used in industrial milling.

It is recommended that a new type of China-made large-scale ball mill for ceramics in Shanghai SBM machine successfully developed, has been the national patent. This ball mill for ceramics based on thousands of bits ball mill for ceramics user’s use and recommendations based on the original ball mill overpressure conducted on a number of innovations and success. The model uses a bevel gear integral transmission, internal lubrication system, curved duct, the latest of a number of patented technologies. The traditional grinding blade wear faster, blade as a whole blade, blade wear, need to replace the whole blade, the waste material, increase the shutdown replacement time. Ball mill for ceramics blade, blade uses the high wear-resistant alloy material, long service life, just needs change the blade part, raise the utilization rate of materials.

Ball mill for ceramics using the internal door surface and the air inlet volute surface on the same surface, thus can effectively avoid the eddy current effect. In conclusion, ball mill for ceramics reached or exceeded the performance of similar products abroad, for the vertical structure of small footprint, complete and strong, and the main transmission device adopts closed gearbox, transmission smooth. Ball mill for ceramics are important components of the use of high-quality steel manufacturing, so the durability and reliability. Ball mill for ceramics electrical system of centralized control, the selection of advanced design, high degree of automation, the price is reasonable, it is worth to promote the use of.

Domestic ceramic industry rapid development, especially the building ceramic industry, large enterprises are constantly emerging. The ball mill for ceramics as our first choice, it is the substitute equipment renewal of large industrial powder and ceramic ball mill process equipment for the ideal.