ball mill for gold ore

Ball mill for gold ore widely used. Shanghai SBM is a professional production of energy-saving ball mill manufacturers, which for gold processing equipment production line very understanding, with more than gold processing technician, able to provide customers with technical support and help for difficult mining properties have very in-depth study, for different grade gold processing applications unique beneficiation process to solve the questions refractory low-grade ore.

Our company is committed to the production and development ball mill has twenty years of history, from the original rod mill to today’s energy-efficient ball mill we have gone through a lot of hard journey, paid a lot of sweat. Energy-saving ball mill design increases the grinding size, material abrasive particles of uniform size, the material continuously.Ball mill is the cement industry, ceramic industry, mining mineral processing industry indispensable equipment, is the three industry power consumption occupies the largest amount of equipment, its power consumption accounted for the entire electricity production 40%-50%.

Today the production of ball mill for gold ore for customers saving more than 5%, the yield increased by 15%. We offer a number of customers visiting the base for other customers, allow customers to see the reality of the operation of energy-saving ball mill, greatly increasing customer confidence.
With the development of our gold ore industry, on grinding equipment requirements are also getting higher and higher, especially green grinding. When the gold ore resources more and more into all walks of life, the mill of the environmental technology will bring a great change to the building materials industry.