ball mill grinder

ball mill used in the beneficiation

At present, the domestic manufacturers to produce energy-saving ball mill is not much, Shanghai SBM is the production of an energy-saving ball mill, ball mill production company, cone ball mill, ceramic ball, MBS type rod mill, have a good energy performance of these devices lower levels of current can be started, the normal conditions can save around 20%. In addition, these devices have the following advantages. First oil province, with a special energy saving ball mill lubrication measures to effectively reduce the friction device operation, fuel consumption is only about 90% of the general mill. Second, high yield, due to the improvement of the internal structure of the full use of the residual energy ball mill motor capacity can be achieved in about 5% yield. Third, high production efficiency, because you can reduce downtime during operation caused by bearing temperature, cut issues, productivity is significantly higher than the ordinary energy-saving ball mill ball mill.