ball mills in kenya

Ball mill is widely used in industrial production of one of the high fine grinding machine, which there are many types, such as a tube mill, rod mill, cement mill, ultrafine mill laminate, hand ball mill, horizontal ball mill and the like. With the new needs of industries constantly changing, it is also to the development of mill industry has brought new pressures.

ball mills in kenya

Since 2003, Kenya introduced since the economic recovery strategy, sustainable agriculture and tourism as its development priorities. On the one hand, to continue to advance the process of national agricultural mechanization; on the other hand, continue to increase the development of tourism resources in western Kenya, strengthening domestic infrastructure refurbishment project to improve traffic along the roads. These measures demand for machinery and equipment are rising rapidly. So many urban construction projects, it is the demand for very large mill. Depending on the field of application of ball mill and a strong and efficient performance.

Shanghai SBM is a professional manufacturer of mineral processing equipment. As our company many models and types of ball mill is full, so the ball mill price are different. Users in the purchase of ball mill equipment, they must be based on their actual needs, to choose their own models.

Wet grinding ball mill process

With the expansion of the scope of the grinding, the product quality requirements more stringent and more demanding of the process. Ball mill is the progress of technology makes the ball mill equipment have more classification, production with pertinence, can better to complete the production task now. Therefore, Operating Characteristics of wet grinding ball mill.

1. Before grinding work. This process is feeding. Participation wet ball mill grinding cylinder body from three. First, feed conveyor to the material; Second filtrate filtrate pump water transportation; Third stream bottom materials coarse material cyclone underflow.

2. Grinding work. Wet ball mill grinding process is the impact of the steel ball for material and grinding, is also a grinding material and filtrate water to fusion.

3. After grinding work. First, the slurry into a wet ball mill discharge slurry tank, the slurry fed by the pump to a cyclone, then the cyclone separator thickness. The coarser particles are returned again to the entrance of the ball mill grinding is performed again; suitable particulate slurry into the box, in the delivery of the pump the slurry into the absorption column.