Bentonite Production Line for Sale

SBM is the poineer in processing technology. Our optimized bentonite production line for sale produces high quality bentonite clay that is unsurpassed in purity, quality and is mined with only stainless steel equipment to keep it from adsorbing heavy metals while it is being harvested.

Bentonite Powder Application

Bentonite is produced worldwide in Greece, Japan, Italy, Brazil, Romania, Germany, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, India, Hungary, Poland, Canada, Turkey, and Cyprus. Sodium bentonite powder absorbs liquid, has tremendous swelling ability, is often used in manufacturing and has many allied applications. Because of its excellent stickiness and fireproof-ability, bentonite is often used as a bond and regulator in molding ferrous and nonferrous metals and oil and fat refining. Its bonding capabilities make it suitable for metal casting and, when mixed with clay and sand, it forms an adhesive used in building and sewage reservoirs.

Bentonite Production Process

The natural decolorizing power of raw bentonite is very low. The crude clay is mixed with water to form a suspension to which sulfuric acid is added. The mixture is then heated by steam in a mixing tank up to a temperature of 40℃ and kept at this temperature for about 4 hours. Then the mixture is heated to 180℃ for one hour. After cooling the suspension is filtered through a filter press and washed in order to eliminate excess acidity. The cake of the activated earth is then dried through a pneumatic conveyor by hot air (700℃). The product is collected in a depot and then packed.

Bentonite Production Line for Sale

The bentonite powder production line for sale includes crusher machine, grinding plant, drying plant, screening machine, processing equipment etc. The capacity ranges from 50-100tph, 120-200tph, 200-350tph, 400-600tph, 600-800tph, 800-1200tph. These machinery are widely applied in small scale, medium scale and large scale bentonite processing applications. It has the benefits of high production capacity, low energy consumption, cost-effetive, easy operation and maintenace. SBM production line will be your best choice. Please contact us for more information.