brute vibrating feeder with two motors

Vibrating feeder is in the traditional feeder on the basis of a new generation of vibration through continuous improvement after the introduction of screening feeder. It is mainly used for crushing process mining, chemical, coal, building materials and gravel, quarry, gravel and other materials, the use of limestone production line is very common for the next process transfer and screening materials. The product set of screening material selection and transfer feed capabilities and integration, under the effect of vibration exciting means of vibration and screening capabilities to enable the greatest degree of play, with good overall performance.

Working principle of brute vibrating feeder

Brute vibrating feeder feeding process is the use of a special vibration exciter driven by two electric motors or motor driven feed trough inclined direction for linear reciprocating cycle vibration to achieve. When the vertical component of the acceleration is greater than the acceleration due to gravity feed trough vibration, tank material was tossed, and follow the trajectory parabolic jump forward movement, toss and whereabouts in an instant. Due to continuous excitation excitation source to trough continuous vibration, groove coal continuous jump forward in order to achieve the purpose of feeding.

Main features of brute vibrating feeder

  • 1. The use of a special vibration motor self-synchronization principle, start fast, stable, smooth parking.
  • 2. Simple structure, light weight, low noise, reliable, feeding capacity, easy installation and maintenance.
  • 3. Press the parabolic trajectory of continuous material for jumping movement forward, therefore less wear to the trough.
  • 4. As can be instantaneously changed and hoisting stream, so the feeding amount higher accuracy.
  • 5. This series of explosion-proof Vibrating feeder is not suitable for the occasion.

Shanghai SBM vibrating feeder produced in mineral processing, artificial gravel, building materials, silicate and chemical industry in the crushing and screening equipment in a wide range of applications. Our brute vibrating feeder with small size, low noise, two motors, light weight, high frequency, low power consumption, can be used for automatic control of the process to achieve the production process automation.