calcium carbonate crushing and grinding equipment

Calcium carbonate industry is composed of limestone, natural calcite, marble, dolomite as the main raw material.It is through mechanical crushing, grinding, powder or wet powder process after forming. After grading, the formation of the product meets the requirements of different sizes, suitable for paper, plastics, rubber, ink, chemicals, building materials, sealing materials, chemical, food, medicine and many other areas, the formation of calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate industry chain called .

main purpose of calcium carbonate product

Now, with the economic development, the use of calcium carbonate powder range more widely.

Rubber industry: Calcium carbonate is one of the largest big fillers used in the rubber industry. Among a large number of calcium carbonate filled in rubber, increase the volume of its products, and save expensive natural rubber, thereby greatly reducing costs. Calcium carbonate filled rubber can be obtained higher than that of pure rubber vulcanizate tensile strength, tear strength and abrasion resistance.

Plastics industry: calcium carbonate in plastics can play a role in skeleton, the stability of plastics size plays a significant role, but also improve the hardness of products and increase surface gloss and surface smoothness of products. Because calcium carbonate whiteness above 90%, yet replace the expensive white pigments.

Paint industry: the amount of calcium carbonate in the paint industry is large, as is the amount of paint thickener is 30%.

Waterborne coatings industry: calcium carbonate in aqueous coatings industry uses more extensive settlement can not paint, easily dispersed, good gloss and other characteristics, in the amount of 20-60% water-based paint.

Furthermore, the important role of the calcium carbonate in the paper industry, can ensure the strength and whiteness of the paper, and low cost. In the cable industry products, insulation can play a role.

Calcium carbonate processing equipment and processes

After processing the shape of calcium carbonate are irregular, the particle size difference is large, and the particles have a certain angular, rough surface, the particle size distribution is wide, a larger particle size, the average particle diameter is generally 1 ~ 10μm. The average particle size of calcium carbonate in its original (d) is divided into: coarse calcium carbonate (> 3μm), finely ground calcium carbonate (1 ~ 3μm), ultra-fine calcium carbonate (0. 5 ~ 1μm), that is generally 400 mesh the following products classified as coarse, 400-600 mesh called ordinary powder, 600-800 mesh called powder, 800-1250 mesh called ultrafine powder, more than 1250 known as ultra-fine powders.

Currently, the domestic 2500 mesh products to dry production-based, from 2500 to 6500 mesh with wet production based. But at present, the most widely used dry production. Calcium carbonate dry processing equipment is mainly composed of milling equipment and crushing equipment composition. Grinding equipment mainly Raymond mill, impact crusher, the European version of ladder mill, vertical roller mill and ball mill; crushing equipment is the main jaw crusher, cone crusher etc..

Grinding equipment and crushing machine with the composition of ultra-fine processing system, you can achieve ultra-fine powder production TSP. Comprehensive view of various processing technology and equipment, generally can achieve a certain ultra-fine effect.