cement clinker manufacturing process plant

In recent years, China’s cement clinker manufacturing process plant under the guidance of the national macro-control policies, the cement industry restructuring has achieved remarkable success, the technology has greatly improved.

Below, Shanghai SBM introduce cement clinker manufacturing process plant processes. After have seen the cement clinker manufacturing process plant, you not only have a better understanding of what equipment needs, but also for their own future in the cement industry is more of a detailed plan.

Cement clinker manufacturing process plant can be summarized in one sentence: two grinding one burn. In fact, cement clinker manufacturing process plant process is divided into four phases, including limestone mining – the raw material crushing – raw material grinding – cement clinker burning – cement clinker grinding.

1, limestone mining: the limestone ore crushing process, and through a variety of methods to transport lime stone base.

2, raw material preparation: limestone and a small amount of clay material, correcting material after crushing, according to the certain proportion, grinding and blending for proper composition, uniformity of the quality of the raw material process.

3, cement clinker burning: process a series of physical and chemical changes in the final form of Portland cement clinker with calcium silicate as the main component of the raw material after calcination occur. Clinker properties determines the main properties of cement clinker, thus forming process is the most important process of cement production process.

4, made of cement and factory: cement clinker plus the amount of gypsum, mix together ground into a powder material cement, manufactured and packaged or bulk process.

From the cement clinker manufacturing process plant processes already seen, cement manufacturing needs crushers, excavators, mixers, cement kiln, dust collector, sealing machine, which have crusher mining equipment, cement kilns and dust collector.

Crusher optional species diversity, including jaw crusher, cone crusher, mobile crusher, impact crusher and so on, it is recommended to choose the right device based on the size of the stone material. SBM machine more than thirty years in the mining industry, with advanced technology and considerable experience in the design, such as mining equipment, manufacturing and maintenance, welcome your advice!