cement grinding mill manufacturer india

In the Indian market, Raymond mill with its overall performance in a variety of high-yield energy-grinding production process has been far ahead of many milling equipment. Use cement Raymond mill is the future direction of development, raymond mill instead of cement mill has been demonstrated its feasibility.

With the development of science and technology, Shanghai SBM cement processing mill in the design and production, has been the leading domestic level. Meanwhile, also in some areas of Hubei, Hunan, Shanxi, Sichuan, Shandong and other users will soon be the cement market favor and praise after use. It also exported to India, South Africa, Russia and so on.

Cement products is widely used, but also led to domestic infrastructure to accelerate the development of the cement market. Traditional cement production process is relatively backward, not only pollution, but the yield is not high. The emergence mill that gave birth to the birth of a new cement production process.

Traditional cement production process simple, it is one of two mill burned, namely raw material to go through the mining, crushing, grinding and mixing into raw material, raw material at high temperature 1450 ° firing clinker, clinker and then by broken, mixed with plaster or other material together become the cement ground.

In traditional cement production, due to the lack of advanced crushing and milling equipment, so whether it is in the production and quality, are a far cry from the international cement standards. The emergence of Raymond, effectively change the situation.

Appears mill, it also brings a new production process: raw material extraction – Broken – pre-homogenization – ingredients – grinding and drying – raw material powder storage homogenizing – calcination – clinker cooler broken – Clinker storage homogenizing – ingredients – grinding – cement storage homogenization – shipment. It is stored in various sectors have strengthened homogenization, allowing higher yields and lower costs.

In addition, Raymond mill in cement production also greatly reduce the pollution. Raymond is equipped with a fan and a dust bag. In the milling process can effectively reduce dust, cement production toward the green direction. In addition you can also select vertical milling machine (cement vertical mill).