cement grinding unit

In modern cement industry production systems, grinding operations include raw material grinding, cement grinding, grinding slag and coal preparation. Power consumption is generally believed that the cement grinding unit materials accounted for 60% to 70% of the consolidated electricity consumption. Therefore, to improve efficiency and reduce grinding power consumption has been a research focus in the cement industry grinding technology.

Shanghai SBM to solve industrial milling yield is low, energy consumption and higher technical problems, absorption of European advanced technology combined with our company years of design and manufacture of advanced mill concept and market demand, to create a large-scale grinding equipment LM series vertical roller mill (cement grinding unit).

vertical cement grinding unit

In the cement production process, vertical milling machine is mainly used in the processing part process cement raw material. Limestone and other raw materials after drying and grinding the role of vertical milling machine, get 0.080mm square hole sieve ≤ 14% and less than 0.5% moisture raw material powder. Raw material powder is fed into the kiln preheater, and then fired at high temperatures in a kiln guessed, and then mixed with other admixtures into the cement production process implemented production.

Processing of raw material powder into two situations: one is to stop the kiln mill open, one for the kiln mill run simultaneously. When the mill running at the same time the kiln, kiln temperature exhaust fan through the conditioning tower and part of the gas through a vertical milling machine, grinding of raw material during the drying simultaneously, making a grinding material moisture is less than 0.5%. then the part of the gas carrying the finished raw material powder into the powder through an ESP. Meanwhile, another part of the gas does not pass vertical milling machine, but directly through the bypass tube into the ESP wind. After the confluence of two streams in the secondary ESP ESP dust collection within. Then the dust content of less than 100mg/Nm3 gas into the atmosphere.

Advantage of cement grinding unit

This unique formal vertical milling machine works, grinding and drying one set way of working, it has outstanding practical advantage in cement raw material powder processing steps.

  • Vertical mill is integrated production, high output, stable quality, save other equipment costs. The need for supporting the powder ball mill machine, dryer, conveyors and other high-power devices with high energy consumption, and therefore cumbersome procurement of equipment, expensive.
  • Vertical mill machine power consumption than the ball mill to save 20 ~ 30%.
  • The life of the mill stand of wear resistant material is higher than ball mill, and most importantly, reduce equipment maintenance time and the operating rate.