Cement Mixer Machine

With the development in recent years, new rural construction, urban renewal and other aspects of development, roads, bridges, housing construction is booming, concrete as the most important construction materials, cement mixer machine is a variety of building ideal site mixing equipment.

Cement mixer machine, also known as concrete mixers, is used to cement, sand and gravel aggregate and water are mixed and mixed into the concrete mix machinery.Cement mixer machine is a device used in a cement mixing industry, plays an irreplaceable role in the cement industry. There are many types of cement mixers.

Type of cement mixer machine

Bipyramid anti switched off cement mixer: it is a reversal to the material that can be used in self-loading mixers, blenders, compared with other higher its productivity, and stirring time is shorter , which is also more widespread application.

Turboprop type cement mixer machine can aggregate thickness of 60 mm or less with stirring, and stirred using a mandatory manner, is shorter cycle time with stirring, and stirring is more uniform and has better mixing quality, and more efficient than with stirring high. Whether flexible or rigid cement concrete can be carried out by stirring.

cement mixer machine cleaning

With respect to the crusher, milling machine, the mixer is relatively maintenance is relatively easy, but can not be underestimated, and perhaps one small detail will directly affect the use of cement mixers.

Cement mixer machine should be cleaned in the note the following:

  • Maintain regular maintenance procedures specified projects, maintenance operations, such as cleaning, lubrication, fuel and so on.
  • Before starting the mixer first check the controller is good. After the suspension was poured into water and gravel 10 to 15 minutes stirring the cylinder for cleaning, then water and stone cleared. Operator into the mixing tube cleaning as required, in addition to cut off the power and remove the fuse outside, and shall lock switch box.
  • In the cold season, after the work is completed and the application of water to clean the mixer drum pumps, water tanks, put the net in the water pipes, in order to avoid water pumps, water tanks, pipes and other frozen. Bentonite