chromite spiral magnetic separator

chromite spiral magnetic separator is to improve the way the mineral chromite good. It can have a value of chromite mineral affordable elected for raw materials using a variety of industries, will be useful to separate the mineral and gangue minerals, and a variety of useful minerals symbiotic separated from each other as much as possible, to remove or reduce harmful impurities to obtain smelting or other industrial raw materials required in the process.

Magnetic chromite than hematite, limonite slightly stronger than magnetite, titanomagnetite weak, belongs to a weakly magnetic minerals. Magmatic mineral chromite is often produced in ultrabasic rocks, and olivine symbiotic; It is also found in placer. It seems like the appearance of magnetite, the general was massive or granular aggregates. In the metallurgical industry, chromite is mainly used to produce ferrochrome alloys and chromium metal.

chromite spiral magnetic separator is based on the physical properties of chromite designed magnetic beneficiation equipment. A weak magnetic field devices, magnetic and magnetic three, the maximum magnetic field up to 16,000 gauss, are high intensity magnetic separation equipment. Dry magnetic separator wet magnetic separator and two, for chromite mineral magnetic design.

Chromite spiral magnetic separator advantages:

  • 1. Sorting effect: As the machine to take the dynamic magnetic system design, mineral aggregate in the drum surface sliding, displacement and roll, roller nonstick materials, help materials sorting, primary grade can be increased 1-4 times, once featured taste up to 60%.
  • 2. Handling capacity: As the Company uses wrap-open magnetic system, the material does not wrap group, no clogging, thus processing capacity, a single primary ore processing capacity of up to 50 tons more than the machine can also be used in parallel multi-machine tied , can be doubled to increase production.
  • 3. Adapt to industry wide: the company dry magnetic separator, divided into four categories, there are more than twenty varieties and specifications. Meet a variety of iron ore, river sand, tailings, slag, steel gray, abrasives, refractories, board, rubber, food and many other industries demand, some of the equipment can also be a multi-purpose machine.
  • 4. High production results: Dry without water, so the water can not be restricted, perennial continuous production of dry regions, seasonal dryland, alpine regions, 100-150 days per year increase, improve equipment utilization.