clay brick making machine in india

Clay brick is also known as sintered brick, is used for the construction of artificial small bulk. Clay to clay (including shale, coal gangue powder) as the main raw material, through the mud treatment, molding, drying and roasting, solid and hollow respectively.

Clay brick processing equipment

Factory need equipment consists of three parts: 1 raw materials processing equipment 2 extrusion molding equipment 3 sintering equipment
1. raw material out equipment
Material handling equipment mainly comprises a crushing equipment, mixing equipment, screening equipment, conveying equipment.
2. the extrusion equipment
Extrusion molding device mainly comprises a vacuum brick extruding machine, cutting machine, automatic setting machine.
3. the sintering equipment
Sintering device mainly comprises a tunnel kiln equipment, such as machine, drying kiln car, car, pusher, car ferry, export drawing machine, enter the traction machine and some other tunnel kiln and kiln round the above equipment.

clay bricks crusher

Brick clay (including shale, coal gangue powder, etc.) as the main raw material, mud treatment, molding, drying and roasting. My factory production clay brick making machine is widely applied to shale, fly ash, coal gangue, clay and other raw materials to produce a variety of specifications hollow brick. Clay brick machine equipment: automatic cutting system, box type feeder, vibrating screen, crusher, mill, falling plate machine etc.. Some of these devices (jaw crusher, cone crusher etc.) have been exported to Indonesia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, India, Southeast Asia and so on more than 10 countries.

In addition, clay mineral is the main mineral composition of clay rock and soil. They are aluminum, magnesium based water bearing silicate minerals, very fine particles, generally less than 0.01 mm. After the water has a degree of plasticity. Because of the economic value of the higher clay mineral, in recent years the clay mining continued warming. Clay bricks crushing machine also has a very good development.

Due to the clay mineral hardness is low, the mining process can use impact crusher. Impact crusher is the shortcomings of the plate hammer and an impact plate is especially easy to wear, especially for crushing hard ore, wear is more serious, often need to change. But for a broken clay brick, impact crusher will greatly extend the service life, wear a plate hammer and an impact plate down to the lowest. This can make full use of impact crusher. The investment cost will be greatly reduced.