clinker grinding unit project report

Cement production is a large energy consumption. Raw materials, coal and clinker grinding process are three power consumption accounts for about 70% -72% of the total power consumption of the cement plant, so the key to reducing the power consumption of cement production is to reduce the clinker grinding unit power consumption. Ordinary ball mill critical speed restrictions due to the presence, making cement grinding energy efficiency is very low.

Vertical milling machine is a kind of new grinding equipment, materials in grinding, grinding the gravity of materials involved, but also to avoid the material node phenomenon. Shanghai SBM is a professional R & D and production to create a crusher, sand making machine and milling machine manufacturers, which was a lot of theoretical research on cement vertical mill R & D building, study the influence of vertical mill structure parameters on the grinding body and impact energy of abrasive relationship amplification coefficient and vertical, get increasing revolution speed and revolution the diameter can improve the vertical mill grinding rate conclusion.

According to the clinker grinding unit project report concludes, the influence factors of cement clinker grinding results not only have the liner thickness, grinding time, revolution speed, also including autobiography and the revolution speed ratio. Shanghai SBM internal R & D to build vertical milling machine installation can not only protect the cylinder liner. We enhance the mill internal stiffness, extend the life of the roller and grinding experience automatic grading, grinding to achieve different diameters corresponding to the particle size of the material grinding, grinding bodies exert maximum crushing, grinding effect.

You can refer to the clinker grinding unit project report, for their own design for the clinker grinding unit!