coal mobile crusher

Most small and medium-sized open-pit coal mine do not have crushing equipment. the particle size of coal can not meet the requirements, directly affects the economic benefit of coal mine. Due to the special nature of open-pit mining, coupled with the limited technology, opencast coal mine mining has been constrained. With the upgrading of machinery and equipment and technology, as well as equipment companies multifaceted study. Slowly began to open-pit mining operation, obtained resource utilization in large part.

Shanghai zenith in order to meet the market demand, independent research and development of mobile hydraulic drive track-type vehicle chassis walking crushing and screening equipment. Crawler mobile crushing plant is widely used in road and bridge construction, urban construction, metallurgy, energy, and other departments, for crushing, screening and other operations, especially suitable for opencast coal mine mining areas. We tracked mobile crushing station for opencast coal mine mining technology, including cone crusher series mobile crusher, jaw crusher series mobile crushing plant, impact crusher series mobile crushing station and screening series mobile crushing station.

Advantages of coal mobile crusher

coal mobile crusher breakthrough the coal crushing venue fixed, higher transportation cost constraints of traditional materials operations, on the material can be carried out on-site crushing, the nearest job. It is widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, transportation, water conservancy and other professionals.

According to the characteristics of opencast coal mine coal production in order to meet the requirements of a single bucket shipping, coal mobile crusher in addition need to have crushing its main function, the need to have a self-propelled function, feeding and reprint loading function. To minimize the crushing process due to the increase in the middle part and lower unit cost of coal. coal mobile crusher advantages:

  • Good mobility. Direct-depth job site, both for ordinary road driving, but also facilitate the rugged harsh road environment movement.
  • Compact and easy to use. Integrated vehicle equipment, significant savings in floor space. Comes with vehicle-mounted generators, motors and control box for easy field operations; supporting vehicle installation support equipment, convenient on-site.
  • Cost savings, and reduce costs. Mobile crushing plant can crushing materials on site, avoiding the material aspects of turnover, greatly reducing the cost of transportation of materials.
  • Stable performance and easy maintenance. Mobile crushing station is equipped with a Shanghai Shi Xuan superior performance crusher, feeder and vibrating screen, stable performance, easy maintenance; materials shipped with a conventional belt conveyor, simple, mature technology, low investment and high returns.
  • Flexible configuration. According to the customer’s job site, materials, grain type and other requirements for coal mobile crusher be specifically tailored to provide a more suitable production equipment needed.

coal mobile crusher manufacturer

Shanghai zenith mobile crushing plant fully meet opencast coal mine mining semi-continuous process production requirements. With the pit to move forward, always keeping the coal face, thus shortening the coal haul, lower production costs, and its excellent performance and perfect after-sale service generally appreciated by the domestic and foreign customers.