concrete crushing machine

Concrete is one of the most important engineering materials, which is widely used in civil engineering. Quality of concrete is very important, is directly related to the quality of the downstream building, and even building security. Choosing the right crusher equipment, can enhance the productivity of concrete, but also can guarantee the quality of concrete.

concrete crushing machine

Concrete production line consists of: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor components. Conveyor plays a connection between the devices, conveying the role of stone. Concrete block through the feeder into jaw crusher for coarse broken, the thick broken a belt conveyor to the impact crusher for the second crushing, crushing stone after the screening to the vibrating screen, stone by a qualified conveyor to the stone heap, and then failed to return impact crusher for crushing. Forming a closed loop between the device until the stone until the specifications are met.

Jaw crusher has large crushing ratio, uniform product size, low operating cost, simple structure, easy maintenance and so on. It points to break two kinds of coarse and fine broken, crushing compression strength of 350 MPa or less material. Shanghai SBM jaw crusher is the use of high-strength steel, a shape casting, with wear, compression, long life and other advantages. There are many Jaw crusher models. To help customers select the appropriate crushing equipment production according to customer requirements and the actual situation.

concrete crushing machine supplier

Shanghai SBM production of concrete crusher as raw material is waste concrete crushing equipment is widely used in metallurgical industry, construction industry, road building industry and other industries. In particular, it is of concrete construction waste crushing, with good quality finished materials, large output. In addition, we also provide recycling waste concrete crushing operation programs and projects guidance. Welcome your advice!