cone crusher manufacturer in korea

Cone crusher is a kind of material crushing machinery. It is used in metallurgy, construction, road building, chemical and silicate industry in the crushing of raw materials, can be crushing medium hardness and above ores and rocks. Cone crusher compared with other crushing machinery has high crushing efficiency, low energy consumption, uniform particle size, etc..

Cone crushers produced by our company is divided into: spring shaped, hydraulic type and combined type, suitable for crushing moderate hardness of various minerals and rocks, has the advantages of reliable structure, high production efficiency, convenient adjustment, the use of economic characteristics.

Type of cone crusher

Cone Crusher use can be divided in two coarse crushing and fine crushing; according to the structure and function can be divided into hanging, prop shaft and vibrating.

Used for coarse crushing cone crusher, also known as the gyratory crusher. The aircraft to be treated as a larger size material block, so the feed inlet for clemency.

For medium crushing cone crusher has two conventional type cone crusher, cone crusher shaped bacteria also known. It is through the gob process of coarse crushing, it does not need a large feed port, but requires increased discharge range, in order to improve production capacity. Product requirements crushed with a relatively uniform particle size of this type cone crusher. Since moving cone surface slope is small, the material is rolled down the slope along the moving cone when unloading. Therefore, the discharge effect of the frictional resistance would be inclined, the cone will also be deflected when a centrifugal force of the rotation effects. Therefore, this type of crusher discharge is not freedom, and thus the working principle and calculation were associated with coarse crushing cone crusher is somewhat different.

Cone crusher for mineral crushing

In addition, with the deepening of economic globalization, urbanization continues to accelerate infrastructure construction has also made a breakthrough. This gives the mining equipment industry ushered in a good development opportunity.

According to the Korea Mining Machinery Industry Association statistics show that: in 2010 South Korea’s mining machinery market sales reached four hundred billion yuan, while in 2011 broke the five hundred billion yuan of sales share. At this time, South Korea has become the world’s largest mining machinery market. Experts predict that in 2015, South Korea’s mining machinery market sales will exceed nine hundred billion yuan.

Among them, the most prominent achievements is the cone crusher equipment. Now that sand and gravel production is gradually being replaced by artificial sand. Excellent quality cone crusher equipment has become the best equipment artificial sand production.