Construction Waste Crusher

The number of urban construction waste is increasing. A large number of construction waste has not taken away a lot of open space. Construction waste continue to produce, environmental pollution situation is increasingly grim.For a long time, the huge amount of construction waste, while affecting the people’s lives, has also laid more hidden dangers to the urban environment. Due to the lack of a unified and perfect construction waste management practices and standardized disposal sites, a large number of municipal construction waste to be abandoned, landfill and other simple way to deal with.

Construction waste due to improper handling often caused the occupation of land, casually discarded landfill, see the dust, and even rainy days from the garbage heap out of the sewage, but the construction of garbage caused by serious environmental pollution affected the tip of the iceberg. It is understood that because of the construction waste in the construction of plastic, paint, paint and other difficult to degrade the polymer material, and contains harmful heavy metal elements, they are buried underground, will pollute the groundwater, directly endanger the lives of the surrounding residents.

Urban construction waste is mainly in the demolition of houses, renovation of the road when the brick and concrete blocks. After the sieving of the construction waste, you can get different specifications of gravel, concrete aggregate.

Concrete particles can be used for unlimited road, roads, farmland and woodland pedestrian and bike lanes and concrete, brick, stone debris or sand particles can be used for sports venues, gardens and scenic spots, such as stone road base. Reasonable use of construction waste crusher to deal with construction waste, to solve the concrete waste treatment and the resulting negative impact on the environment, but also to reduce the exploitation of natural sand and gravel. Construction waste crusher is divided into fixed and mobile, respectively known as fixed construction waste crusher and mobile construction waste crusher, according to the different needs of users design and configuration.

Processing of construction waste crusher plant:

The product process to construction waste crusher, shaker, vibration feeder and other special equipment will be broken construction, screening. After the sorting of the construction waste through a specific iron removal equipment (dry magnetic separator) to remove the iron material contained in the crushed, rough crushing, and even fine crushing equipment crushing treatment, processed into a certain size of the recycled aggregate , And finally applied to roadbed stone, Mianshaozhuan, cement admixture and many other aspects. According to the production process of gravel material in the construction waste in the concrete, waste bricks, stones and other processing and processing, in order to achieve resource recycling. Construction waste crusher in addition to crushing the construction waste, you can also crush some other raw materials: coal gangue, shale, slag, cinder, slag, limestone, ore and other 100 kinds of raw materials.

Construction waste crusher price

Construction waste crusher price, structure, performance, characteristics, manufacturers and other instantaneous has become a concern. Investment in a set of construction waste disposal equipment about how much money, construction waste disposal equipment, where the best manufacturers, investment in the benefits of the project, and so have become a hot topic of concern.

From the construction of garbage crusher market trading phenomenon analysis, mainly by the entire chain under the various aspects of environmental changes and economic constraints caused by the price of construction waste crusher will affect the price of steel, ore prices, the price of building materials, And even the price of the construction industry, this is the chain effect. From the various construction waste grinder manufacturers price analysis: these prices are floating more small businesses small brand of equipment in the floating, in some big brands of companies, construction waste crusher prices floating smaller. This is determined by the company’s decision.

SBM’s construction waste crusher manufacturer, to the society through their own practice proved that the equipment has sufficient capacity to construction waste, fly ash, slag and other solid waste, and produce new lightweight wall materials, lightweight aggregate concrete hollow block and lightweight aggregate concrete with brick, standard brick products. These through the construction waste crusher into the environmental protection building materials through the practice test. This kind of “turning waste into treasure” to form the wall with light, high strength, seismic, thermal insulation performance, processing performance, construction convenience, reduce the building weight, green, quality and cheap, to win the trust of society, as well as become a popular commodity in short supply on the construction market. With recent innovations and product optimization, SBM Machinery is now able to produce the largest production to reach 500 tons of construction waste crushing production line, and the company’s product quality and the gap between imported equipment is gradually narrowing. In the product price and quality improvement at the same time, SBM mechanical construction waste crushing equipment cost is the company to win more and more attention and recognition.