cost of iron ore mining machinery

Iron is one of the mineral elements of human life the most exposed to daily pan tiles, pots and other kitchen utensils, bicycles, electric cars, cars and so on various cars, even the essential microelement of iron is one of the human body. Then the iron ore are what kind? As mining machinery manufacturers, Shanghai SBM has a more detailed view.

Most of China’s iron ore containing sulfur, phosphorus and other harmful impurities. Especially for the rich pyrrhotite, fine grained apatite collophane or iron ore, its iron ore concentrate impurities is extremely difficult. Cost of iron ore mining machinery in large part from the iron ore dressing. So if you want to save cost of iron ore mining machinery, iron ore beneficiation is a top priority. For the iron ore dressing plant cost is mainly composed of the running cost of the cost of early mining basic construction and after operation. For the Shanghai SBM, and reasonable iron ore concentrator design and good iron ore mining equipment cost of a good choice is saving method of iron ore mining machinery.

Iron ore mineral processing equipment selection will be on cost of iron ore mining machinery to produce not little effect. When the purchase of iron ore of mineral processing equipment, absolutely not lower prices more can save the cost. On the contrary, if the choice of iron ore equipment is relatively expensive quality is better, more energy efficient, can avoid the loss caused by the failure of equipment will save a lot of energy cost of running on iron ore production line process in the production process.

Because iron ore containing metal components, iron ore fragile degree are often not non metallic minerals, the choice of the crusher to choose some of the more durable, maintenance cycle longer equipment. Especially for the mineral industry, iron ore, “more crushing and less grinding” is to adhere to the basic principles.

Therefore, in the configuration process iron ore production line should always follow this principle, the iron ore crushing ratio increased to the maximum, so that the ball mill feed size to a minimum, thereby productivity and improve the overall yield indirect ball mill. Practice has proved that when the iron ore crusher from 20-30mm to 5-10mm time, ball mill production could increase by at least more than double the amount that is another way of using a ball mill can be reduced by half. So just in front of the mill adding a cone crusher or impact crusher, from the point of view of long-term production, this investment approach is to control the cost of the most reasonable way of iron ore mining machinery.

In Shanghai SBM Company’s iron ore processing plant, we use the CS series cone crusher crushing ratio, high output, low wear, high-strength cast steel frame, finishing process, the intensity is stronger. Many people think that investment in the short term is too large, too costly. But if you are going to long-term production, from a long-term perspective, this cost of iron ore mining machinery configuration is relatively high cost, multi-break less grinding is to reduce the investment to reduce production costs of the most important and key.