crusher for construction waste

In recent years, the rapid development of society, a variety of high-rise buildings going up, bustling place self-evident. Construction of urban civilization to the city generated a lot of construction waste. Therefore, construction waste has become the focus of attention at present, then what should we do construction waste it? Appear crusher solve these problems.

Construction waste social background

National infrastructure construction has also been updated, especially the construction of railways, highways, as well as the transformation of the city buildings. Development of the city’s housing projects continue to make all kinds of construction, the old building was gradually dismantled. House demolition process, will produce large amounts of solid waste – construction waste. However, the vast majority of construction waste without any treatment, he was transported to the suburbs or rural construction unit, open dumps or landfills, a considerable amount of land acquisition fees, garbage fees construction funds. Meanwhile, the stacking process Yisa and dust, sand fly ash and other issues also caused serious environmental pollution.

crusher for construction waste

To meet the needs of urban modernization, urban construction waste turning waste into treasure, company researchers several years of painstaking research, and finally the successful launch of the construction waste disposal equipment – mobile crusher.

We analyze the main ingredient under construction waste, which include: soil, sediment, scrap steel, scrap wire and various scrap parts, scrap metal pipes, scrap wood, sawdust, wood shavings, boxes of various decorative materials, bags scattered mortar and concrete, broken bricks and broken concrete blocks scattered during transport sand, gravel and stone, etc.

These seemingly useless junk brick industry is actually a good free resource. To allow construction waste can be better used for brick production, first with the simple construction waste sorting process, and then use the crusher can be used for those who produce concrete bricks, cement and other waste materials for processing crude break, and then the next step by sand processed to produce sand and gravel aggregate. These can replace natural sand and gravel aggregates Aggregates used to configure the concrete, recycled bricks or filler material, such as roads, and then combined with brick machine, thereby producing pavement bricks, permeable bricks, block bricks.

processing of construction waste

Shanghai SBM collection of construction waste crusher feeding, conveying, coarse, medium and fine crushing, screening, dust, and other technologies for the integration of highly integrated, modular crushing processing outfit. Its features are: small size, simple structure, large crushing ratio, low energy consumption, production capacity, uniform particle size, and selective crushing effect, is a promising device.

The product processes to construction waste crusher, vibrating screen, vibrating feeder and other special equipment to construction waste crushing, screening. After sorting through a particular construction waste iron equipment (dry magnetic separator) to remove ferrous material contained therein, the rough broken, broken, even crushing equipment crushing processing, processed into a certain size of regenerated sand and gravel aggregate Finally, applied to the roadbed stone, unburned brick, cement admixtures, and many other aspects. According sand and gravel production processes for the concrete construction waste, waste bricks, stones and other processing process in order to achieve recycling.