crushing screening plant in south africa

South Africa World Cup is going on like a raging fire, because South Africa in recent years concerned the people of the world and aid, now the rapid development of economy, people’s living standards greatly improved, the construction of national foundation engineering construction is to full-scale reconstruction is under way, such as large water conservancy and hydropower, highway, national stadium. It leads to a large demand for engineering machinery, mining quarry, crushing screening plant.

Shanghai SBM is the largest supplier of South Africa market. From the first half of this year sales of view, South Africa accounted for a large part of the market share. Crushing and screening equipment as high-quality products to open up overseas markets. We can obtain the achievement of today, derived from the continuous progress, superb technology, and put one’s heart and soul into service. The company focused on the crushing equipment, screening equipment, sand making equipment and construction waste processing equipment and related production line of research and development. So we committed to developing a variety of categories broken efficient products, to provide customers with the most affordable for aggregate overall solution.

Through quality control system comprehensively, we strictly enforce the applicable standards of international crushing equipment, has developed the VSI type sand making machine, impact crusher PF and a series of high-end crushing equipment. The company design engineer according to yield your needs, use these high-end equipment, assembled into sand production line, advanced international stone production line, it also laid the foundation for our company in the field of crushing and screening equipment of ultra high level of production capacity and technology.

Shanghai SBM through years of unremitting operation, has already established a crushing and screening equipment market in Africa. Our products have been in South Africa from civil society to the government fully recognized, initially formed a brand influence in the region. We in the development of South Africa during the crushing and screening equipment market for local market characteristics, taken a proactive, targeted marketing strategies, initially laid position in the South African market.