feldspar grinding machine

Feldspar is a calcium, sodium, potassium aluminum silicate minerals. For example, sodium feldspar, potassium feldspar, calcium feldspar, barium feldspar, ice barium feldspar. Feldspar should be colorless and transparent, but because there is silicon dioxide, iron oxide, aluminum oxide and other substances, it will be rendered opaque. Feldspar pegmatite is a suitable use of feldspar.

Feldspar processing needs crushers and grinding machine. Feldspar grinding machine is an essential feldspar processing equipment.

Many grinding machine can be used for feldspar processing. They are divided into general powder preparation and ultrafine powder preparation. General powder preparation common used in feldspar grinding machine, including raymond mill, high pressure mill, hanging roller mill, small vertical milling machine. General ultrafine powder preparation common used in feldspar grinding machine, including ultrafine mill, high pressure micro-grinding.

Shanghai SBM is a professional manufacturer of grinding machine manufacturers. Our company developed the Raymond mill, high pressure mill, ultrafine mill, vertical milling machine and other series of milling equipment. At present, these grinding machine have been exported to Africa, the Americas, Europe, Hong Kong, Taiwan and many other countries and regions. Our production and processing of feldspar mill milling equipment can be used for a named Raymond mill. This series grinding machine product size can be between 100 mesh to 325 mesh adjustment device can also be produced by adding 50 mesh to 80 mesh coarse powder. Raymond mill is widely used in mining, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industries.

When feldspar grinding machine work that will need to smash the machine casing material from the hopper to join the side of the machine, relying on the host plum hanging shelves roller device, revolves around the vertical axis, while their rotation. Centrifugal force due to rotation, roller swing outward, pressed on grinding ring, so that the material sent to the shovel blade between the roller and grinding ring. Rolling mill rolls by rolling to achieve the purpose of crushing.