French grinder machine manufacturing industry

The French domestic grinder machine manufacturing industry mainly produces all kinds of metal processing equipment, wood processing equipment, built-in engine machine products, electric saws, welding equipment, metal cutting equipment, polishing equipment, and includes, for stone, glass, ceramics and other similar materials polishing grinding equipment light processing products.

French grinder machine manufacturing industry in 2004 had encountered great difficulties in business, after the operation has improved significantly, however, from 2007 began to return to a standstill. At present, the production of French grinder machine manufacturing industry is significantly lower than the level in early 2000.

1, China has risen to be the third largest consumer of French grinder machine products

Over the years, the French grinder machine equipment manufacturing industry has maintained a huge deficit in foreign trade structure, although during the last few years the size of the deficit has been narrowed, but the overall size is still very impressive (see Table 2). In 2007, the total exports of grinder machine products in France reached 1 billion 751 million euros, up 4.8% compared with the previous year. The total imports amounted to 3 billion 5 million euros, and the total deficit amounted to 1 billion 254 million euros.

Since 2004, the total exports of grinder machine equipment in French enterprises have maintained an overall upward trend. Among them, Germany, Belgium, Spain and Italy are the most important export markets for French grinder machine manufacturing industry.

At present, the French to countries in Asia and the Middle East machine equipment product sales market to maintain the upward trend is quite strong, Chinese has been rising rapidly for the third largest consumer machine products exported to France, the full digital control of sophisticated machine equipment demand is very strong.

At the same time, since 2003, the total imports of French grinder machine products have maintained a regular upward trend. Among them, the Western European countries (mainly including Germany, Italy and Switzerland), the United States, China and Japan are the most important suppliers of grinder machine products imported from france. French imports of standardized grinder machine products have risen rapidly in china.

In view of a number of large enterprise groups grinder machine equipment manufacturing with international status has subsidiaries in France, in fact the French production grinder machine equipment import and export business in a considerable percentage, are completed by these foreign-funded enterprise group in internal trading activities between subsidiaries in different countries.

2, French grinder machine manufacturing enterprises in the internationalization of the increasingly high level

The current world grinder machine products export market is basically dominated by the two countries of Germany and Japan, in 2006 the two countries in the international market share were up 19.4% and 16.5%, while France’s share is less than 3% (see Table 3). The grinder machine manufacturing industry in Europe has an annual turnover of about 35 billion euros per year. At present, 2 machine tools are produced in Europe, of which 1 are German products, and 1 of 4 grinder machine products are Italy products.

However, the major European grinder machine equipment producers except by fierce competition, including Chinese Korea and China Taiwan and other emerging economies, countries or regions, but also by some new members of the European Union competition. In order to cope with the new challenges, some of the world’s important machine equipment manufacturing country, have the choice of internal development in the market potential of emerging economies, by signing a cooperation agreement with local manufacturers in the form of direct investment in factories. These factories mainly produce standardized grinder machine products with extremely fierce competition in the market, as well as the grinder machine products sold according to the catalogue.

Up to now, the manufacturing business of grinder machine products sold according to catalogue has also been monopolized by some large scale enterprise groups of the world scale.

3, French grinder machine manufacturing enterprises to its production business to a high degree of automation products

French grinder machine equipment manufacturing enterprises choose the main business activities for the adjustment of grinder machine equipment products with high technical content of the production of these enterprises by virtue of its master production skills, so as to maintain strong competitiveness in the market segments of the special. For example, the fully automated multi-function grinder machine products produced by French enterprises can greatly reduce and simplify different types of operation procedures.

It is for this reason that the expansion of investment in the field of new product research and development is of great significance for maintaining the long-term development of the operation of French grinder machine manufacturing enterprises.

At present, the French grinder machine manufacturing enterprises in the research and development of new products mainly focus on improving two important index parameters: how to improve the production efficiency and machining accuracy of equipment. At the same time, the new generation of grinder machine equipment products also meet the increasingly stringent safety standards requirements, and how to further improve the control performance of equipment to provide solutions.

In addition, due to the widespread popularity of emerging information technology, the French grinder machine manufacturing enterprises also actively develop remote maintenance of the grinder machine equipment products through the network.