gold and copper processing plant

Gold and copper can be used as jewelry. Application in many people’s daily lives, most of them as an ornament. However, the gold and copper content in the ore is very low, in order to extract gold and copper ore crushing and grinding needs and beneficiation methods using pre-enrichment or separated from the manipulation of gold and copper ore.

Shanghai SBM gold and copper processing equipment to meet the different requirements of customers equipped with a variety of gold and copper processing technology. gold and copper processing plant has been very good in practice, and effectively improve mineral grade and recovery rate can reach 98%.

Gold is a mineral used in more re-election and flotation. Re-election law occupies a very important position in placer gold production. Flotation is widely use rock gold mine beneficiation methods. Currently about 80% of the country rock gold mine using this method with gold, mineral processing technology and equipment have been greatly improved. However, copper ore is generally copper oxide or sulfide reacts blue-green copper sulfate and sulfuric acid. Therefore, the copper flotation beneficiation methods generally adopted method.

Gold and copper processing plant is divided into three parts:
1. Crushing part: the basic process of ore crushing process. Its purpose is to the appropriate size of ore crushing, suitable for a portion of the grinding.
2. Grinding part: grinding part further processing of ore to get smaller size is in line with the flotation separation material
3. Flotation process: an important part of the flotation process of copper / upgrade. Chemical reagents will be added to the mixer / mixer, the chemical reaction.

The specific process is as follows:

Ore mined first by jaw crusher preliminary crushing. After crushing to a reasonable degree of fineness through the hoist to the mining machine evenly into the ball mill. By ball mill for ore crushing and grinding.
After ball mill grinding of ore fines into the next process: classification. With spiral classifier proportion of solid particles in a liquid varies the speed of sedimentation principle, the mixture was washed ore grading. After washing and grading of mineral mixture when passing through the magnetic separator, a variety of minerals than the susceptibility of different, magnetic and mechanical forces via the magnetic substance mix to separate.
After the initial separation of mineral particles in a magnetic separator is sent after the flotation machine, depending on the mineral properties of different drugs, making the minerals and other substances to be separated from.
After the desired minerals are separated out, because it contains a lot of water, subject to a preliminary concentrate thickener, and then the dryer drying, you can get dry minerals. Copper concentrate grade of 45%.