gold mining

Type of gold deposits mined gold resources mainly divided into two categories: one for the vein of gold, Deposit, mostly in the mountains, formed by the internal forces geological; the other for gold placer, Since the gold out of the ground, after a long-term weathering and erosion, broken into gold particles, gold, late payments, and by moving the action of wind, water, etc., in sorting the gathered water deposited in Riverside, Lakeside, coast while formation of alluvial, fluvial or coastal sand-type gold deposits.

The gold content in the ore is very low, in order to extract gold ore crushing and grinding needs and uses pre-enrichment or processing methods to separate gold from ore manipulation. Gold beneficiation is used in more re-election and flotation. The re-election law occupies a very important position in placer gold production. Flotation is widely use rock gold mining beneficiation methods. Currently about 80% of the rock gold mine with gold using this method, processing technology and equipment levels have been greatly improved.

gold mining crushers

Our country use more gold plant jaw crusher for primary crushing, using standard cone crusher in the crushing, crushing and the short head type is applied cone crusher. Medium and small gold plant mostly uses two closed-circuit crushing, large gold plant closed a three-stage crushing process.
In order to increase the production capacity of beneficiation , crusher choice is the key.

gold beneficiation equipment

The current mainstream gold ore process, generally through crusher, and then into the placer gold processing equipment (ball mill) crushed. By re-election, flotation, concentrate and tailings extracted, and then by chemical methods, and finally through smelting, which eventually became the finished product gold.

Re-election in the rock gold mine used widely, mostly as a secondary process. Recycling in the grinding circuit coarse gold, flotation and create favorable conditions for the cyanidation process, improve beneficiation indicators, improve overall recovery of gold, to increase production and reduce costs played a positive role.