how much does mining equipment cost

Mining is the self-crust and surface mining technology and science of mineral resources. Mining industry is an important raw material industry, metal smelting ore is the main raw material industry, non-metallic ore is an important chemical raw materials and building materials.

Mining equipment is directly useful minerals mining and exploration preparations used in machinery and equipment, mainly mining metal ores and non-metallic ore mining machinery; mining coal with coal mining machinery; exploitation of oil used in oil drilling machinery.

Direct costs of mining equipment from which several parts? How to calculate the various parts? Direct costs of mining equipment is calculated separately by the mining process steps and then aggregated into a mining plant direct costs.

According to mining process can be divided into crushing machinery (cone crusher, jaw crusher, impact crusher, etc.), grinding machines, screening equipment, sorting (sorting) machinery and mechanical dewatering, and various production lines.Crushing machinery commonly used jaw crusher, gyratory crusher, cone crusher, roll crusher and impact crusher, etc.; grinding machine is the most widely used drum mill, including rod mill, ball mill, pebble mill and self-mill; screening machinery commonly used in inertial shaker and resonance screen; Hydraulic classifier and mechanical classifier is grading machinery widely used in the operation of wet classification.

First, raw materials and auxiliary materials: raw material for ore mining operations, mining costs, excluding its value, the cost of raw materials for the original mineral ore. Supplementary material refers quasi, mining, crushing, explosives, detonators, fuses, detonating cord, drill steel, prop, carbide and other materials, ventilation, drainage, filling and other aspects of use. Calculated by multiplying the unit price using local consumption, such as outsourcing, you should consider transport miscellaneous expenses.

Second, power, fuel: fuel power production process refers to electricity consumed, the pressure of gas and petrol, diesel, kerosene costs. Unit power consumption by the device itself determines the power and working hours, the price is calculated according to the current regulations. Fuel consumption is determined by multiplying the unit price.

Third, the production workers’ wages and surcharges: production workers wages and surcharges are engaged in mine production direct production workers and support staff (not including machine repair and unproductive workers) salaries and wages of the state as a percentage of gross corporate welfare by opportunities. Production can be as basic wage workers and local conditions similar companies selected.