iron ore beneficiation flowsheet

According to the properties and mineral composition of the ore is different, iron ore beneficiation plant for mineral processing operation group are different; Different iron ore use different iron ore beneficiation flowsheet; Different areas of similar iron ore beneficiation flowsheet are different; Suitable beneficiation processes shall be determined according to the beneficiation test, and draw iron ore beneficiation flowsheet.

Iron ore beneficiation flowsheet now use more magnetic separation – re-election process, magnetic separation – flotation process or re-election – magnetic separation – flotation process. Some iron ore beneficiation flowsheet re-election method first used recycling iron ore, from re-election method tailings by magnetic separation method for recovering magnetite; Iron ore beneficiation flowsheet also useful for flotation (Norway Ranariddh processing plant) and electricity election law (Canada Wabush processing plant) were selected, or prior to the last paragraph of sorting with a fine sieve. Magnetic separation – re-election process begins with a weak magnetic field magnetic magnetite recovery, then recovered from magnetic hematite tailings re-election law; and magnetic separation – flotation process flotation places as sorting red the main process of iron ore concentrate, coarse-grained hematite and magnetite recovery by gravity separation, recovery of fine magnetite by magnetic separation.

Different types of iron ore beneficiation process is different, but they are inseparable from iron ore crushing and grinding equipment. Shanghai SBM production of new sand making machine–VSI sand making machine is the most advanced machinery, is iron ore crushing and grinding equipment best choice.
The new use of VSI sand making machine crushing iron ore, 50% higher than conventional crushing machine equipment efficiency, more energy efficient. The sand making machine equipment, iron ore dry separation technology to enhance the production line to force assistant. VSI new type of sand making machine and iron ore beneficiation flowsheet has the perfect combination to further expand the application fields of VSI sand making machine equipment.