iron ore beneficiation plant capacity

Shanghai SBM company concentrator around “iron ore beneficiation plant capacity maximization”, technology support, and actively implement measures to raise the amount of shelf, to maximize the release of iron refined mineral energy. Iron ore beneficiation plant capacity increase compared to last year 138,000 tons, a new record.

On the production organization, our efforts to overcome the decline in ore grade, aging equipment, small tapping the potential of space, weight and other key construction tasks stope out many difficulties, the implementation of sophisticated management. We live with the actual operating conditions and process equipment, to develop a “mention the amount of shelf-life measures to implement the network plan,” according to the network node steadily, and create favorable conditions for the production of anterograde; to plant control room as the hub, to strengthen the coordination of production organization form a tight control system, strengthen the various departments, workshops, exchange of information between important positions and feedback; the monthly plan down to every level to implement the workshop, team, and strengthen the implementation and monitoring measures to ensure that the production index of equilibrium stability; strengthening of the production process refinement operation, to adjust the parameters according to the changing nature of the ore, and strengthen the grinding and classification operations, improve grinding efficiency, the maximum increase productivity; implement system maintenance concept, well maintenance, strengthening of the equipment point inspection strengthen the planned maintenance, to prevent leaking, efforts to improve equipment operation rate.

Domestic iron ore resources in the election of magnetite easy dwindling resources, make full use of domestic resources, improve self-sufficiency rate of iron and steel enterprises ore, iron ore imports to ease the pressure to maintain high-quality iron ore supply of raw materials, to provide iron ore beneficiation plant capacity, must be based on the progress of science and technology to promote the efficient development and utilization of poor iron ore resources. Our company offers a full range of iron ore beneficiation equipment, reduce your production costs! Welcome your advice!