iron ore crushing and screening

The level of overall development of China’s mining equipment is low. Domestic mining enterprises production model is still in scattered, small, chaotic state, resulting in a huge waste of natural resources and energy, and loss, but also on the environment caused tremendous damage. Iron ore crushing and screening of high efficiency and energy saving is the key.

In recent years, Shanghai SBM has developed a number of large, efficient, energy-efficient new crushing and screening equipment, and has achieved significant results in the actual production, and promote the development of the iron ore mining. Iron ore processing typically includes exploration, extraction, head crushing, two broken, screening, fine crushed, dry separation, transport and other processes. Iron ore crushing and screening aspect is particularly important, usually finer granularity into the dry separation of iron ore, iron ore containing dry elected by the higher proportion. Select the most economical mode of production to maximize iron ore crushing and screening efficiency. Our company has many types of crushing equipment, such as jaw crusher, mobile crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and so on, but these crusher equipment crushing principle is different, there are different aspects applicable.

Our iron ore crushing and screening equipment with new technology development, and manufacturing. The device can effectively crushing of iron ore, the use of green production process manufacturing, research and production experience combined with advanced technology and enterprise technicians can effectively achieve ore crushing and screening. The device can adjust the size of the discharge port, thereby crushing production to meet customer demand for aggregate. The device is continuous improvement in the development of technology, stable performance, innovative style and perfect services make the device quickly occupied the market.