iron ore magnetic separation process

At present, the domestic iron ore processing plant processed mainly into two categories magnetite and hematite, magnetite concentrate production which accounts for about three-quarters of China’s iron ore production. The iron ore magnetic separation process equipment is the company to meet customers hematite, limonite, magnetite ore were selected from R & D, and the series of equipment including: magnetic separator, flotation machine, ball mill, drying machine, rotary kiln, concentrator, vibrating screen, jaw crusher, Raymond mill, conveyor and other types of crushing, processing and milling equipment.

It is to inlay fine granularity red ore or mixed minerals (magnetite is weakly magnetic ore containing red and strong magnetic). Iron ore beneficiation equipment belongs to the field of mineral processing technology, by crushing, grinding to the separation of iron mineral monomer, by gravity or magnetic reconnection to choose, get fine high grade concentrate, called iron ore fine gravity.

iron ore magnetic separation process in particular to include iron ore crushing and screening, grinding and classification, processing and float dephosphorizer dressing, ore grade. It is through a two-stage flotation dephosphorization purpose except silicon, then the joint use of spiral chute and shaker conduct slag roughing, selection, sweep the election, thereby improving quality and reducing iron elemental phosphorus, silicon content in order to get in line after smelting process requirements into the furnace of iron ore flotation, flotation tailings will be added to the three-step magnetic separation machine for magnetic separation process has been through more than boron and iron ore concentrate two products.

Iron ore magnetic separation equipment

Magnetic separation process is a major iron ore beneficiation process concentrator. Magnetic separation equipment occupies an important position in the iron ore processing plant equipment. Many of the commonly used magnetic separation equipment, currently Drum Separator mainly, but also the application of magnetic reunion re-election machine, magnetic separation column, magnetic roller, magnetic screening machines and other equipment. With advances in magnetic materials and other related technologies, at home and abroad in the development and application of magnetic separation equipment, etc. have made great progress.

In recent years, iron ore magnetic separation equipment mainly around the following aspects:

  • (1) large-scale equipment to increase processing capacity;
  • (2) the use of more force field sorting effect, strengthening the sorting process, improve sorting accuracy;
  • (3) the use of new magnetic materials, use of adjuvant pole design complex magnetic system;
  • (4) to save energy and reduce consumption.

Magnetic re-election machine has a high selectivity and magnetic sorting accuracy. Application of iron ore showed that it can effectively solve the problem of the separation of useful minerals and poor monomer with the living body. Improve the iron ore grade at the same time maintain the grinding fineness 2.O%; while maintaining the same grade iron ore mine may be appropriate to put kibble size, thereby increasing the mill processing capacity. Currently, magnetic re-election machine has been achieved from a total of eight kinds Ф600mm to Ф2500mm specifications of series production models have been successfully applied in the country more than 30 medium and small magnetic separation plant.

Although China’s iron ore magnetic separation process equipment technology and concentrate quality has reached international advanced level, but due to the presence of iron-poor, miscellaneous, small and variety of features, the steel industry for iron ore to the new requirements of beneficiation workers presented a new challenge. Therefore, China’s iron ore magnetic separation process and technology as well as a deeper development, in order to promote the use of magnetic separation – reverse flotation, efficient magnetic separation (magnetic re-election) as the representative of high quality iron ore beneficiation technology, beneficiation process should be as efficient, simple, and therefore should strengthen research on mineral processing equipment, processing technology, as the most suitable process to achieve the best results.