iron ore mining equipment for sale

Our company is specialized in the production of iron ore mining company related equipment. The company is producing dry, mining, metallurgy, building materials, equipment-based R & D, production and sales of the joint-stock enterprises.

Ultra-poor magnetite iron ore refers to magnetic iron grade of about 5%. When mining iron ore, iron grade due to relatively low, so the company will adopt different from ordinary sand and gravel production line sorting process magnetite sorting processes or agents of environmental pollution in the environment without breaking, to obtain more high concentrate grade. At present, our company and the development of efficient introduction of large iron ore mining crushing equipment, promote the use of more crushing and less grinding technology, innovation and dry cast screening technology, strengthen the waste before throwing mill; high pressure roller mill – Wet screening – coarse wet magnetic separation technology applications.

The company representative for some refractory low-grade iron ore mining project, using energy saving, efficient beneficiation techniques to obtain high-quality iron ore, and we will provide a key supporting technology and equipment for these projects. We also pay special attention to ultra-poor magnetic iron ore development process on environmental issues.

Iron ore mining related equipment produced by our company, is very closely combined with major engineering industry and local. Since the state has been to minimize the VAT rate of iron ore production processes, so that the development of ultra poor iron profitable. So the investment on equipment hot iron ore mining. This equipment can be used as a building stone chunks of waste rock, fines for making brick and cement material, tailings system new wall materials.