limestone gas oven processing plant for sale

Lime industry belongs to high energy consumption industry, including fuel consumption occupies a high proportion in the energy consumption in the production. Metallurgical active lime production process, fuel consumption is about 140-180Kg/t of lime. At present, the domestic metallurgical active lime calcination is widely used, basic to the coal burning and gas burning (Coke) in two main ways, of which coal (Coke) stone lime kiln mainly anthracite, Coke and coal powder as fuel, anthracite and coke is mainly used for mixing and burning kiln, pulverized coal in rotary kiln and double chamber kiln the application of the more successful; gas burning lime kiln main fuel is natural gas, gas oven, converter gas, blast furnace gas, mixed gas and producer gas etc..

limestone gas oven processing plant

The production process of limestone gas oven processing production line mainly makes use of the heat gas producer gas oven generated without cooling directly into the lime kiln. General industrial furnace exhaust gas is normal or centigrade. Between and the occurrence of furnace gas temperature of is DEG C into the gas temperature kiln every improve C can save gas. furnace and lime kiln installed nearby natural can use hot gas oven so it can improve the supply into the kiln gas heat which can add lime kiln production decreased gas oven consumption.

feature of limestone gas oven processing plant

1. limestone gas oven processing plant is energy conservation. In particular it is the use of the remaining blast furnace gas and coke oven gas surplus, as well as other kinds of industrial furnaces remaining gas is the largest energy savings and utilization.

2. favorable environmental protection. Because limestone kiln gas after combustion of solid fuels is no large amounts of harmful gas emissions, but after the original gas emissions through the fuel also reduces emissions of pollution into the atmosphere, it is very beneficial to environmental protection.

3. the furnace temperature uniformity, good quality calcined limestone. gas fuel is available in all the voids in the limestone burning, no dead ends, solid fuel is difficult to do, there will be uneven fabric rare high and low temperatures. Since the gas flame burning heat evenly and is at the same time, can be fast combustion and rapid cooling, so good limestone activity.

4. good testing, good operation. Limestone kiln due to gas temperature and gas, air flow, pressure can be detected by the instrument, fireman can grasp the furnace conditions and adjust the furnace conditions based on test data, unlike solid fuel poor control, even if the furnace stopped but still within the oven continue to burn. Gas kiln adjustment period is short, long solid fuel furnace adjustment period.