machinery used for mining manganese

With the development of the ore industry, more and more ore was discovered and widely used by people, including manganese and its compounds used in various fields of national economy. While the vast majority are poor manganese ore, it must be deep processing of mineral processing. However, because most of the manganese ore fines genus or embedded micro-fine cloth, and a considerable number of high phosphate, high iron ore and symbiotic beneficial metals. Therefore, it is very difficult to bring mineral processing.

At present, the commonly used method for manganese ore beneficiation machinery election (including crushing, washing, screening, re-election, high intensity magnetic separation and flotation), as well as fire enrichment, chemical processing method.

At present, China manganese ore processing process: the general is ore crushing to 6 ~ 0mm or 10 ~ 0mm. Then grouped: coarse level of manganese ore by jigging. Fine level of manganese send Shakers. Manganese ore beneficiation methods commonly used for mechanical sorting, processing equipment for manganese ore more, mainly washing equipment, screening equipment, re-election equipment, magnetic separation equipment and crusher equipment. Where crushing equipment are jaw crusher, PE crusher, PFW impact crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher and ultrafine milling machines and other products. The more advanced manganese ore processing equipment is hydraulic cone crusher and PFW impact crusher.

Manganese has an important value in the national economy. Manganese ore crusher is widely used by post-processing metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry and the defense industry and other sectors, especially the largest amount in the metallurgical industry. In the steel, when a small amount of manganese can be added to increase the hardness, ductility, toughness and corrosion resistance. Manganese steel industry is also indispensable deoxidizer, desulfurizer. Manganese metal and alloys of copper, nickel, cobalt, etc. is material aircraft, ships, mechanical and electrical equipment.