machines for mining limestone

In recent years, with the sharp increase in the number of cement factories and power plants, desulfurization project stock continues to increase, whose good functional limestone as a major raw material in construction and industry. With the deepening awareness of resource protection, limestone mining has become an important and efficient means of future industrial development can be sustained.

China is the world’s rich mineral resources of limestone country. However, in recent years, in order to meet environmental protection, ecological balance, the need to prevent soil erosion, scenic, etc., can be mined for cement limestone less and less. Therefore, based on the exploitation of limestone savings will be to ensure the sustainable development of China’s cement industry.

machines for mining limestone

Limestone is the largest amount of raw material to produce cement. Larger particle size and high hardness, so it needs to go through the crusher after mining, such as Shanghai SBM produced hammer crusher, jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher (sand making machine), such as in cement highlighting the benefits of produced. Limestone crushing occupies a more important role in crushing the material in the cement plant. Using different types of crushers, limestone materials can produce different size for different purposes, to meet the various needs of different industries.

Impact Crusher is widely used in sand and gravel industry. In sand production line, Impact Crusher for secondary crushing equipment in general, and the entire device structure is three crushing cavity design, the particle size can be controlled at 30mm below 90%. Based on years of experience in the market found Impact Crusher is the highest utilization rate of limestone crushing equipment.

200-300 tons of limestone crushing plant

  • Crusher equipment will be the first to use large chunks of limestone crushing;
  • The crushed limestone into the shaft good calcined;
  • The After calcination, the material sent to the Raymond mill or high pressure mill by the transmission equipment; material into Raymond mill or high pressure trapezium mill, milling equipment after the crushing process, the classification process and separation process, the system finished; in this process is best re-equipped with dust removal equipment to prevent dust pollution;
  • Storage of the finished packaging materials.

We produce a professional product line includes limestone jaw crusher, Impact Crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, ball mill, Raymond mill, high pressure ultrafine mill, etc., can be refined powder particle size be adjusted between 325-3000 mesh, yield up to 200-300 tons per hour.