made in italy stone crusher machine

Society continues to progress, all walks of life are also in rapid development, in the development process, due to market demand, the development of Italy stone industry every year to two digit rate growth. At the same time, it also promotes the development and application of crusher.
Italy stone market in response to the national energy-saving environmental protection slogan, promote the rapid development of the industry, greatly promoted the crusher industry progress, energy-efficient green stressed, will pay attention to these problems in the process of production equipment in stone machine factory.

The most important feature of a good stone crusher is equipped with a highly efficient energy efficiency and performance, as well as the extent of the entire set of equipment automation, the current international gravel production line made in italy stone crusher machine, SBM in the domestic industry has Advanced technology and quality level, SBM machines in large-scale mining and large-scale sand and gravel fixed-point production line has a more outstanding performance. My company’s stone crusher from 50 cubic meters per hour to 800 cubic meters, not only in the small gravel plant can also be used in large-scale construction projects.

Working principle of stone crusher machine

SBM machine stone crusher equipment is made by advanced crushing technology. The belt pulley or coupling, the transmission shaft and the conical part are driven by the rotation of the motor to make the eccentric shaft do periodic swing motion under the axis line. After the material enters the crushing chamber from the material inlet, it is subjected to the mutual impact, extrusion, grinding and rubbing of the eccentric shaft and the roller wall, thus producing the crushing effect. The hydraulic system in the machine can insurance had iron failure or stuffy car phenomenon through the night pressure of the support sleeve and the fixed cone top out of trouble, to play the role of insurance is very good at the same time greatly reduced maintenance rate and improve production efficiency.

How to choose stone crusher

With the development of mining, the state for the large-scale production line, more support, crusher demand is also increasing, the market also has a lot of made in Italy stone crusher machine, the strength of the manufacturers, crushing equipment production quality is not the same, we purchase stone crusher machine should pay attention to what the problem?

First of all, users need to know what the properties of the material to be processed, the hardness is different, the choice of equipment working principle is inconsistent.

In addition, according to their own production capacity, to determine the specific size should be used in breaking machine, crusher specific size, determines the amount of processing. Determine the crusher specifications, you need to find a few professional made in Italy stone crusher machine to do comparison. Choose word of mouth better, more strength, good reputation of the company, if the quality problems in the future, more secure, no worries.