mineral processing spiral classifier

Spiral classifier is often used in mineral processing preparation work, in the sorting process played a good supporting role of grinding, grading, it can be the material processing, improve the efficiency of production process.

mineral processing spiral classifier for sale

Spiral classifier is one of the mineral processing equipment. Spiral classifier referred Classifier. Classifier mainly has high weir single spiral and double spiral, sinking four kinds of single spiral and double spiral Classifier. Spiral classifier is widely used in mineral processing and ball mill closed cycle process dubbed minute drive shunt ore sand, or for use in gravity concentrator to grade ore and fine mud, and metal mineral processing workflow for pulp particle size grading, and washing de-mining operations in the mud, dehydration and other operations.

Shanghai SBM technology in the production of mineral processing spiral classifier is quite mature, we suggest that the selection of mineral processing spiral classifier according to the selection of main yield capacity requirement and the size of the ball mill. Welcome your advice!

Working principle of mineral processing spiral classifier

The same principle of mineral processing spiral classifier and other classifier, spiral classifier is different from the solid particle size with different proportion, therefore, the principle of settling velocity in fluid of different, fine mineral particles floating in the water overflows, the coarse ore particle settling on the bottom of the channel. By a spiral to the upper discharge, to mechanical classification a classification equipment, can take out the mill within the powder level to the filter, and then the coarse material by using spiral plate rotary piece is screwed into the mill feed port, the fine filter out from the overflow pipe. The machine base adopts channel steel, the body adopts welded steel plate. The spiral shaft into the head, spindle, use the pig iron, durable, lifting device and electric and manual two.