Mobile crusher for granite crushing plant

Granite is a kind of common ore material for industrial sand. It has many characteristics, such as stable structure, excessive hardness and high compressive capacity. So it can be used in granite, and few mechanical equipment is broken. In this case, the mobile crusher will be a preferred equipment for processing granite. The knowledge of mobile crusher equipment will be analyzed in detail below.

1, mobile crusher for granite crushing plant analysis

For the mobile crusher, the hammer is relatively easy to wear, easy to damage, crushed granite material, not even the “made of stone” principle. Because granite has high hardness, directly with a hammer, but is yiluanjishi, so to better use of mobile particles between the mutual extrusion principle of crusher used for crushing granite, the crushing cavity in granite can realize “stone Nianshi” model, instead of the traditional crushing principle. Under such circumstances, the granite material can not only realize the selective crushing, more can improve the product granularity, and can reduce the flaky material, make the product more established party body; also used this principle to reduce the hammer and wear some more vulnerable parts of the. At the same time, the mobile crusher also uses the modular design, replacing the type of crushing chamber, not only can realize the material, granite coarse fine crushing conversion, and more can improve the production efficiency, and also can meet some of the granite material crushing demand of users, in general, it is a crushed granite the preferred mobile crusher.

2, mobile crusher crushed granite outstanding advantages

  • 1, reliable operation: the equipment spindle uses large diameter, high firmness, heavy-duty rack and lubrication system independent of the automatic control system, more security of mobile crusher equipment durable, granite crushing material safeguards its operation more reliable.
  • 2, more secure, long life: the device is equipped with spring insurance, when the equipment for granite materials in the process of crushing chamber can not break some foreign body or equipment overload, can automatically increase the discharge port, to exclude foreign body, To ensure the safety of the same time can extend the life of mobile crusher.
  • 3, the crushing effect is better: the mobile crusher adopts the special lamination crushing principle, increases its crushing force, causes the broken granite material to be more even, the finished product grain shape is better.

Mobile crusher for sale

Because of different types, different manufacturers and choose different channels, then the equipment price is uneven, so a suitable mobile crushing granite crusher specific price is how much, recommend detailed consultation of mobile crusher direct manufacturers, such as SBM, the manufacturers to adopt the “integration of online and offline sales model, not only” the user can go to the mobile crusher manufacturing site, appropriate to understand the entire process.