pellet mill for sale used

This year’s pellet mill for sale used better, this has a great relationship with the national policy. Recently haze is particularly serious because this year, the national leader in this aspect of special attention, so some cities have banned the use of coal, because the pollution is particularly serious, so people can choose other ways, such as natural gas, but the gas is non-renewable resources. In addition, due to the high cost of gas fraud, and now people have not been what is the appropriate method to find.

Now people are pegged to the biomass in this regard. Pellet mill for sale used mainly for sawdust, wood shavings, straw, wood flour, rice husk, cotton stalks, sawdust and other renewable resources. It can take advantage of these renewable resources to produce pellets to burn, and now this promising market. This aspect are renewable resources recycling.

Shanghai SBM company is specialized in manufacturing the machine more than ten years, mastered the most advanced technology in this field. With advanced technology coupled with the quality of the machine, it can get the majority of customers have been recognized in this regard sale we do is quite perfect, has been overwhelming majority of customers. We not only produce biomass pellet mill for sale used in the production of wood chips and the like, as well as feed pellet mill for sale used, organic fertilizer pellet mill for sale used, and some other auxiliary equipment, such as crushing equipment drying equipment, cooling equipment, packaging equipment, and some of the production line unit.

Our company according to the market and customer demand for the development of pellet mill, to achieve the best effect of pellet machine,and occupy a certain market. Material properties of the product is suitable for no oily pressed. It is through the dryer drying divergent materials. Such as various pieces of class rice husk, sunflower seed shells, peanut shells and other materials; eucalyptus tree, eucalyptus sawdust, sawdust and other wood waste; corn stalks, cotton stalks and other crop stalks. The product is also widely used in biomass plants, power plants, wood processing plants.